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he flora in
Lyudmila Ozerovsky
’s ecstatic oil paintings are both
amazingly realistic and heightened to an ideal. Ozerovsky celebrates
flowers with her images: she paints a “bust”-length composition,
centering the bloom of each flower and blurring the background to
achieve a presentation somewhere between reverent and reverie. Each
canvas has its own vivid palette that pushes the boundaries of realism,
but the minutely observed detail is so assured that the flowers keep
their tangible authenticity. The wide range of texture creates interest
two- and three-dimensionally. Ozerovsky is a supremely skilled student
of technique, giving grace and poise to her art.
The work is not only a tribute to plant life, but to all life. As Ozerovsky
puts it, “We are all unique flowers… The light and the dark are both
at home within us.” With her images, she asks the viewer to become
attuned to the ways in which we are all connected – to the earth and
to each other.
Lyudmila Ozerovsky was born in Vinista, and emigrated with her family
from the Ukraine to the United States when she was fourteen. As well as
her career as a self-taught artist, she also works as a successful speech
and language therapist.
Cocky Oil on Canvas 36” x 24”
Lyudmila Ozerovsky
elgian artist
Antoinette Tontcheva
paints with the eye of a
philosopher. Her abstract, conceptual pieces reflect her personal
theories on technology, optical perception and the logical placement of
shapes in space. She is also concerned with the effect of technology on
our lives in an increasingly digital world. “We are part of the virtual world
of numbers and formulas such as programs, systems, webs... Internet
based on numeric decisions,” Tontcheva says. “Inspired by this logic I have
developed my personal conceptual art, shapes, abstract presentations.”
Such a complex formula might seem purely intellectual at first, but the
way the artist applies it to her canvas is deeply unique and emotional.
“They express/speak in form, colour, size, position [and] combinations,”
she explains.
Although Tontcheva’s work is very personal, the process by which she
combines shapes and colors to create an almost maze-like pattern of
biological and geometric forms has universal resonance. Tontcheva
describes her latest pieces as, “pure, personal, without ingredients!” It
is this elegance of philosophy and execution that makes the work so
Her paintings have been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New
York and the Royal Fine Art Academy in Brussels, among many other
Etages de Noblesse 1 Acrylic on Canvas 50” x 33”
Antoinette Tontcheva
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