ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 54

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
he pop art of German-American artist
Gerd J. Mangels
, while often
nostalgic in subject, is visionary in terms of form and execution.
Working with acrylics and using a screen-printing process, Mangels
often pursues subjects derived from personal interests, commercial
products, and sometimes spur of the moment ideas and imaginings.
Each print is composed in such a way as to both emphasize the subject
and yet decontextualize its cultural significance. What results are true
tributes to the power of color, line, and form, as well as a strong foray
into the vast nexus of cultural symbolism and meaning that has come to
define our present moment in time.
Influenced heavily by the work of Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana and
Franz Marc, Mangels in particular focuses on the strong use of color,
often in monochromatic applications. The color palette of each piece is
developed so as to immediately catch the viewer’s eye and draw them
in for a closer look. Compositions contain purely decorative elements
designed to be pleasing to the eye, yet the meanings contained on the
paper convey to the viewer so much more.
Gerd J. Mangels currently lives and works in Morris Plains, New Jersey.
Once Upon a Time (print only) Acrylic on Paper 22” x 15”
Gerd J. Mangels
y paintings reflect my inner world,” says
of her boldly colored images. Her statement
is reflected in the dreamlike, multi-layered quality she brings to
her work. “I paint mostly abstract work,” she adds, “frequently
returning to the female form with its soft lines as my inspiration.”
Consequently, a strong sense of line and form is at the center of
her work. Able to conjure up the image of a woman’s face from
a single line, the artist also captures fully realized female forms,
balancing realism and abstraction with freshness and enthusiasm.
In media that range from acrylics to gold leaf and silk paper,
Hilding creates images on canvas and board that offer up a variety
of textures to the viewer’s eye. Elegant brushstrokes will contrast
with drips of paint that often interact with paper that has been
applied to the picture’s surface. The opposing textures are layered
around each other in a way that generates a powerful energy and
a sense of three-dimensional space. The artist’s approach to color
adds to that effect. Juxtaposing shades in a way that creates a
convincing effect of light and space, she succeeds in pulling us
even further into the inner world that is the subject of her work.
Baby Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24”
Ann-Greth Hilding
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