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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
enerous amounts of pigment scraped and pushed about the surface
lend a roughly textured, nearly sculptural feel to artist
’s works of ink on board. In other instances, imprints of luscious
plant life bleed through semi-translucent layers of paint as if underwater.
The artist frequently pushes the boundaries of her compositions by
including new and diverse organic materials, and recently she has begun
to incorporate glass and raku firing for added dimensionality. Aiming to
capture the wondrous and “varied elements of nature’s design,” Shaffer
is drawn to all-natural sculptural materials.
Donna Shaffer was born in Bakersfield, CA. She trained under the
renowned artist Maxine Masterfield and received her B.A. in Studio Art
from Bloomsburg University. Her work has been shown in galleries and
juried shows throughout New England and Pennsylvania.
Splash of Sunshine
Ink on Board 24” x 18”
Donna Shaffer
here is no creation without revelation,” says painter Maria
Magdalena Oosthuizen
. Rich colors and textures abound in
her acrylic on canvas works, which focus on human figuration and the
joyful moments of daily living, family life and the sacred. Motivated
by her strong connection to God, and the balance that family life and
friends provide, her works shine with the hard-won satisfactions of
faith and love. Oosthuizen’s recent body of paintings are dominated
by white, black and red hues, and the collected works hang together
nicely as a narrative series or hold weight equally well on their own.
Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen was born in Paarl, South Africa and
currently lives along the southern cape in Mossel Bay. Since she began
painting in 2005, her work has been exhibited nationally.
Acrylic on Canvas 51” x 24”
Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen
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