ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 48

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
rom a very early age,”
Horacia Leal
says, “I started drawing and painting, using art to express and bring attention to
the beauty of everyday objects.” But while everyday objects are given fully realized life in her oil on canvas paintings,
the overall aura of the world she depicts is one that transcends everyday reality. “I take from reality what people’s emotions
look for,” she adds, and it is the way in which she combines that basis of reality with elements of dream and fantasy that
makes her work special.
Employing a rich, varied color palette, Leal is able to capture a variety of textures and moods. Whether she is recreating
the folds in a piece of material, a flower’s petals or an abstract, star-filled background, she displays an ability to give each
element in her paintings a vibrant physical presence. The artist says that she is strongly drawn toward “the beauty of the
countryside,” and her handling of light and shadow, along with her relaxed style of composition, allows her to capture an
openness, and sense of space that enlivens each scene. There
is also a dynamic sense of movement in her images, giving
them a spontaneity that balances their clean, classical lines
with gentle sophistication.
The realism in these images is at the service of a world in
which art and artists take center stage. Leal depicts statues,
dancers, musicians and film stars, bringing the viewer into
environments filled with references to the arts. Her ability
to recreate the gestures and facial expressions of her most
famous subjects make us feel at home with them, even as the
artist contains them in her own world. The resulting images
pulse with a sense of immediate life, but they also bring Leal’s
personality and individuality into the foreground.
Horacia Leal
Horacia in her Studio
Danza para Dos Oil on Canvas 62.5” x 37”
Gilda Oil on Canvas 71.5” x 40”
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