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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Something about it touched me in a profound and beautiful way / It reminded me of the many summers I spent with
my family visiting the beach / I felt that it was calling me in a way / We had to have it / It helped me to understand
what sacrifice really means / My decision to purchase the painting had something to do with the death of my mother
/ It enchanted me from the very first time I saw it.
Why are we are drawn toward one piece of art and not another? It is as though the artwork, be it a painting, a photo-
graph or a sculpture, is at the moment of connecting with it, recognized as a missing part of you. A part that carries
a profound desire, a void which can only be filled, like Klimt’s embrace in ‘The Lovers’, through the acquisition of an
unforgettable, must have, work of art!
Bryant Park’s Rendezvous
by Juan Fernando Silva
Private collection
Our apartment overlooks the East River and offers a glorious, city-framed seascape.  To showcase the stunning views, we
chose clean, contemporary furnishings; antique carpets; and eclectic artwork that captures our hearts.  Fortunately, we enjoy
a shared aesthetic.
We first saw
Bryant Park Rendezvous
online in the company of the artist, Juan Fernando Silva, whom we have long admired
and know. His painting has tremendous vitality.  His subjects, colors, and amazing brushwork capture the energy of New York
City.  We were drawn to many of his pieces, but we loved
Bryant Park Rendezvous
 above all.   Living with the piece is a joy well
worth the price we paid.  This painting enhances our home and provides enduring pleasure.
Mr. Silva told us about a forthcoming show at Agora Gallery that will feature some of his marvelous work.    Since the gallery,
too, recognized the talent and appeal of this remarkable self-taught painter, we wanted to see what other art they show-
case.  A visit confirmed their eye for wonderful, original treasures for rising stars.
Art Matters - why we collect art
by Angela Di Bello
Bryant Park’s Rendez vous Oil on Canvas 36” x 36”
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