ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 44

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
s he delves into the imagery of myth,
Stephen Von Mason
discovers a richness of metaphor and meaning. Diverse symbols
and perceptions emerge in his works, as early cultural influences and
modern life come together in a surrealistically lyrical tapestry. Von
Mason leads viewers on a vividly bold journey through history and
society, drawing together iconic imagery from all of humanity in a
brilliant homage to our shaping of reality. Brimming with an emotional
poignancy, these paintings challenge our vision of classical times as
the artist explores and reinterprets the effects of culture on our view
of the world.
Stephen Von Mason creates his lively works in oil paints on canvas
with smooth and considered brushstrokes, infusing each piece with a
euphoric vision of color and luminosity.
Stephen Von Mason
ble to treat a variety of subjects and styles with equal skill and flair,
Wendy Carmichael-Bauld
moves freely between landscapes,
abstractions, and figurative works, revealing a palpable joy in the act
of creation. Balancing aesthetic euphoria and universal awareness,
Carmichael-Bauld’s paintings are grounded in classical drawing, as an
atmospheric softness and clarity is woven into the strength of each
expressive brushstroke and crisp, considered edge. An artist driven by
the power of her creative energies, Carmichael-Bauld builds her art
in acrylic paints on canvas, also occasionally working in mixed media
and painted objects. 
Now living in Burlington, Ontario where she is an active member of
many local arts organizations, Carmichael-Bauld strives to bring social
change through beauty, donating her art to support over fifteen
charities, for whom she has raised over $50,000 in total.
Into Her Own
Acrylic on Canvas 60” x 40”
Wendy Carmichael-Bauld
oldly expressive and appealingly animated, the work of artist
Shakespeare Guirand
is unparalleled in its bravado. A vivid
visionary, he is courageous in his subjects and techniques alike.
Employing a palette of serene earth tones in his abstract compositions,
his paintings exude a sense of tranquility and honesty. While the
artist relies on his own feelings and passions, the sentiments which
his paintings suggest are a paean to human experience. Expertly
crafting expressive forms which are influenced by his concerns for
universally felt emotions, Guirand evokes an intoxicating harmony
seldom portrayed in contemporary painting. “Painting is the medium
of art that gives freedom and meaning to my journey, to my life,” says
Guirand. Indeed, these paintings articulate the moods of multitudes.
B o r n
Silence Oil on Canvas 15” x 20”
Shakespeare Guirand
Queen Hatshepsut: From Princess to King
Oil on Canvas 60” x 48”
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