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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Alex Braverman
, a cityscape is more
about how it feels to look at a city than it is
about capturing the exact look of the streets
and buildings themselves. “I want to recreate the
experience of being there,” he says, and in his
intricate, multi-layered images he gives the viewer
a vivid experience of the cities he photographs by
creating bold graphic patterns and kaleidoscopic
arrangements of color. Whatever the techniques he
is using to capture his personal perspective on what
he sees, Braverman conveys the constantly shifting
vitality of a city, and the feelings that it can evoke
in an observer.
In his shots of Chicago, the photographer says that
his focus is on the “prime elements” of the city —
the complex grids of straight lines that can be seen in the layout of the city and in the architecture of its skyscrapers. His
strong sense of composition gives those geometrically precise lines a dynamic sense of movement and life, pulling us into
each image. But there is also a genuinely contemplative feeling to these pictures, a quietness that balances the sense of
motion. The combination allows us to arrive at a unique point of view — a perspective that exemplifies Braverman’s desire
to depict “the attitude toward the place in which I’m standing.”
Merchandise Mart #104-30-61-87 Photographic Print on Metal 40” x 60”
Alex Braverman
avid Cabrefigue
’s captivating paintings in acrylic and natural
pigments draw the viewer in with a unique blend of realism and
fantasy. Cabrefigue paints figural studies that focus with laser-like intensity
on the human body, including a great deal of detail relating to the subject
while blacking out the background entirely. His figures fill the frame closely,
sometimes with their whole body and sometimes with only their faces.
Both their expressions and their body language are unreservedly eloquent,
conveying emotion, action, and thought with vivid honesty.
Though the images are stripped of contextual information, Cabrefigue uses
visual means to write a narrative on his figures’ actual bodies. His textures
are unconventional and unpredictable, with overlapping, transparent
layers of acrylic and dynamic brushwork defining each form. The colors
are built with great technical care, but Cabrefigue also lets his brushstrokes
tell an emotional arc. The palette is dark and earthy with fleeting elements
of surprise. Fantasy and metaphor are hinted at with small touches of
abstraction in the figures. And the absence of information itself builds
mystery: each portrait is a half-told story.
Cabrefigue was born in Perpignan, France and has worked as a blacksmith
in addition to creating sculpture and painting. He has exhibited extensively
throughout France, as well as in Spain and Germany.
the mother and child Pigment on Canvas 51” x 35”
David Cabrefigue
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