ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 35

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Yves Siegrist
’s photographs, the patterns, colors and aspects of light
and shadow that are found in nature are brought to the surface with
an impressive clarity and subtlety. “I search for waves in stone, rock-like
structures in a splash of water or depict traces of wind in grass,” he says,
and his ability to vividly capture the textures and tonalities of the natural
world allows him to make images that bring forests, skies and landscapes
alive. But Siegrist is not aiming to simply recreate the scenes he captures
with his camera. He notes that his goal is to reveal a “more elementary
level of things in nature,” finding the structures that tie the pieces of the
natural world together.
While the photographer’s sharp eye for light and composition gives his
images an immediate sense of realism and physical presence, there is
also a strong abstract element in his work. A group of trees may become
a rigorously composed field of vertical strokes, or a field of rocks turn into
a kaleidoscopic pattern. That interaction between reality and abstraction
gives Siegrist’s pictures a constant sense of surprise, creating what he
calls “a starting point for deeper thoughts, inspiration and reflection on
the wonders of the natural world.”
Time Dreaming Moon
Digital Print on Fine Art Paper 30” x 20”
Yves Siegrist
ulie Turner
’s works cross many boundaries.
While her pieces incorporate bold colors and
sharp imagery, bringing computer-generated
art to mind, Turner produces art that is often
handmade in the most basic sense of the term. “I
may use a brush once in a great while,” she says,
but often she simply uses her hands as tools for
applying her paints to the canvas. Because of this,
her paintings and giclée prints have a powerfully
direct physicality, making an immediate connection
with the viewer. Her work shows a wide range of
influences — from nature and music to astronomy
and the metaphysical — but each of those subjects
is expressed with a clarity and purity that make
them thoroughly accessible to viewers.
Primarily working in acrylics, she employs a color palette that depends on shades of a neon intensity to achieve her effects.
The interaction of colors gives each of her pieces a vibrant surface energy and sense of movement. Though those images
run the gamut from abstract patterns, to photographically precise images pulled from nature, to scenes with a mystical
power, the artist brings a highly original take toward composition and framing to each one. The result is a series of work
with a dynamic sense of life that extends beyond the edges of each image.
Julie Turner
Space Cat Angel - 2 Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 48”
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