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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
n his images,
Susumu Hasegawa
brings “imaginary space” to life.
Blending photography, drawing and collage, he creates a world in which
a free, abstract visual sensibility combines with precisely realized objects,
so that each of his vibrant giclee prints seems to exist on a variety of levels.
Pieces of Hasegawa’s own writing, along with images of telescopes, rulers
and numbers, communicate the search for exact meaning, while fields
of pure color give a sense of what he calls “the nothing,” the sense of
openness and blank space that is central to his work.
That balance between the abstract and the realistic is mirrored in the
other contrasts found in Hasegawa’s pictures. “My subject,” the artist
says, “is geometric shapes and the character of colors,” and he uses
both of those elements to strong effect in his work. Employing an active,
yet firmly controlled style of composition, he infuses each object and
geometric form in his images with a sense of life and motion. Working in
shades ranging from black to neons and pastels, he shows a strong ability
to use light and shadow to give each shape or field of color a depth and
physicality that powerfully draws the viewer in, making his “imaginary
space” feel compellingly real.
Sky (S) a - B - 2 Giclee Print on Paper 28” x 19”
Susumu Hasegawa
AnnaMaria Critelli
nnaMaria Critelli
’s abstract paintings evoke the
grand magnitude and force of the natural world,
yet are open enough to allow for each viewer’s
individual interpretation. Critelli creates deceptively
simple compositions in oil and acrylic. Each work
focuses on a pattern – soft, floating half-circles,
dark strings of color against a fluid background
of light, a central spiral – that is bold and basic in
design but appealingly handmade and variable in
execution. Against these straightforward lines, the
palette comes alive with nuanced lights and darks,
and unexpected juxtapositions in hue.
Most importantly, Critelli plays with three-
dimensional mixed media, combining glass beads,
plastic pieces, and variously textured papers in new
ways with each work. The treatment of collage is
especially diverse, with the paper bunching, crinkling,
and layering to create unique surfaces on top of the paint. Critelli calls this embellishment process “illuminating” the painting.
The final work suggests energy and noise, but also sensitivity and contemplation.
Critelli was born in Jersey City and has gone on to exhibit widely in the metropolitan area as well as across the United States.
She describes her inspiration as the “connection between the unity, harmony, and balance of the universe.”
Warp Speed Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas 24” x 35”
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