ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 33

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
rady Steward
’s wonderfully fluid glass sculptures exist at the nexus of the organic and the abstract. Steward creates willowy
shapes with appendages and textured surfaces that seem to sway in a breeze. The pieces, especially those of his recent Ice
Moon Series, recall an intriguing mixture of trees, sea creatures, and even the human body. Yet despite these echoes, they are
distinctly otherworldly. Steward pushes the material to its limits in his quest to achieve the thinnest, most delicate wisps of glass
and his characteristic undulating forms. Never has solid glass seemed so pliable and alive.
Steward counts biology, geology, the flow of water, and the environment as major muses: in other words, the natural elements.
By abstracting forms of both flora and fauna, the artist examines similarities between the kingdoms of life and stretches our
imaginations. The sculptures ask us what wonders are possible in nature.
The works are of medium height, often standing under two feet tall. Each features brilliantly colored glass either singly or in
rich combinations. The treatment of color is crucial in making
the sculpture “breathe.” The hue is its own medium that can
be layered to form new tones or stretched thin enough to
become transparent. Flecks of pigment spread further apart
throughout the glass to give a stipple-like or even Pointillist
effect. As the color flows, so does the glass – Steward’s every
move is recorded in the folds of the material, a moment in
time captured.
Brady Steward currently lives in Houston, Texas, where he
maintains a studio. He also keeps a studio in New Orleans,
the city where he spent much of his life and from which he
continues to draw inspiration. His IceMoon Series in particular
was sparked by Jupiter’s satellites Europa and Ganymede and
the intriguing possibility of yet-undiscovered organisms that
may lie under their ice.
Brady in his Studio
Blue Ice Devil Glass 26” x 9.5” x 5”
Brady Steward
Moon Series # 13 Glass 18” x 13” x 9.5”
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