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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
orking primarily with acrylic on canvas,
Stéphane Delaprée
, aka
Stef, prefers larger supports, often working on a piece as large as
two or four meters. His largest creation is 15 meters long and can be seen
in the International Sihanouk-ville airport lobby in Cambodia, where his
authentic and powerful artwork has a large and enthusiastic following.
Delaprée calls his style “happy painting,” employing free figuration and
bold colors to depict a childlike, carefree world. Each piece is upbeat. His
smiling faces and exclamatory florals, richly portrayed in lively pastels,
convey a positive energy that the artist describes as “healing.” Whether
intimating the joy of companionship or the peaceful serenity of personal
space, each work is balanced and adroitly composed, reflecting a blissful
unity of man and nature. Stéphane Delaprée’s whimsical creations serve
to enlighten and entertain.
Stéphane Delaprée
hallenging the idea and practice of consumerist values based in
materialism and corporate greed without apology or regrets,
calls for the development of a new consciousness of optimism
and spirituality. In a dazzling visual tapestry, these digital collages
combine photography, painting and design with a penetratingly vivid
power and passion. Nuñez’s art is charged with an electric sensuality
as the human form is dynamically immersed in a fragmented reality of
emotional symbolism, becoming as intangible as memory in a fleeting
dream as she manipulates a kaleidoscopic web of color and imagery.
Nuñez creates her large scale digital prints and paintings in a variety
of mediums, layering projected imagery and acrylic paints on Plexiglas,
aluminum and aluminum substrate, or wood panel, as a sense of
poignant wonder emerges in her works.
No te escondas detrás
Digital Painting on Aluminum
59” x 39.5”
Marife Nuñez
Royal Fans
Acrylic on Canvas 78.5” x 54”
ricia Kaman
’s traditional portraiture and figurative painting
explores the human figure with skillful expertise. Sweeping lines of
light and shadow meet captivating forms of the body. Painting from
life, Kaman remarks that her interaction with live models may add a
“sacred dimension” to her work. Interested in texture, light and detail,
her paintings hold a hint of the Baroque and a suggestion of popular
culture. Captivated by people and beauty, Kaman’s passion for her
subjects shines through in dedicated strokes and bold compositions.
Tricia Kaman attended the Cooper School of Art and the Cleveland
Institute of Art. In addition to having had over twenty of her
works published in various print publications, she has exhibited
professionally throughout the United States, including shows in Ohio,
Maine, California, and New York City.
Serene Oil on Canvas 24” x 18”
Tricia Kaman
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