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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
nspired by the greatness of a higher power and by forces within
the meditative self-conscious, German expressionist
’s works are boldly symbolic and open to interpretation.
“The idea for a painting arises from a deep acting force that seems
to take a life or force of its own,” notes Rautert. The spontaneity in
his use of colors and brushstrokes underscores a style that draws us
in. Words are sometimes used to punctuate emotions and feelings.
His constructs are iconic, introspective, revelatory. He uses faces
and figures to convey fundamental insights about what it means to
be human; to discover the essence of one’s self.
Rautert’s acrylics and ink on canvas creations invoke feelings
that both challenge and expose human frailty. Some works are
intentionally confrontational, moving the viewer to arrive at
conclusions that are both unexpected and self-aware. Other
works obliquely suggest meaning through metaphor, drawing on
imagination and impulse to convey their message. In some cases,
the artist will paint over a section to create a new variation, bringing
in a new symbol and adding a different color tone. Through style
and symbolism, Rautert unites concept with creator, brushstroke
with stroke of genius.
Mirror Neurons 2 Mixed Media on Canvas 16” x 12”
Gerd Rautert
ristina Garon
’s effervescent acrylic works are painted in a kind of
animated abstraction that leaps off the canvas. Garon fills every
inch with overlapping elements: floating faces full of emotion, precise
graphic patterns, or ferocious brushstrokes of several colors at a
time. Her palette is wide-ranging, but has the discipline to deploy
colors only where they will act in greatest contrast to each other
and therefore make the biggest impact. Drama is inherent in Garon’s
work, which moves and breathes in the way the world’s surface, with
all its life, might if seen from above. In some places it heaves and
dashes; in others it dozes and smolders.
Indeed, these works are entire ecosystems unto themselves.
Garon paints beautifully detailed human figures placed in wild
environments. Her men and women move among rocks, flames,
and non-representational swirls and streaks, all detached from
recognizable space but visually cohesive. The paintings make sense
according to their own internal logic. It is Garon inviting the viewer
to another place.
Garon was born in Lithuania and today lives in the Washington, D.C.
area. She has exhibited all over the world, including in Italy, France,
the United Kingdom, Monaco, and the United States.
Charm of Kensington Acrylic on Canvas 40” x 30”
Kristina Garon
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