ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 26

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Vivienne McDermott
nspired by the Australian landscape,
’s work appears to be hand-hewn out of
wind, sun, androck itself.McDermottworks inavarietyof
media, includingcharcoal, gouache, silkscreen, linoleum
print, and mixed media sculpture encompassing found
and recycled objects. She depicts animals, people, and
characteristic elements of her home country’s natural
terrain, in raw animate detail. Unlike the romantic,
sweeping vistas of traditional landscape painting, her
work is a warm, spirited portrayal that captures the
energy of the environment.
McDermott began working with indigenous
communities after becoming interested in what she
calls “the concept of ‘Country’” and the Aboriginal
tradition of living according to natural cycles. Her
work is anchored to the land in all respects: the palette is earthy and bright, the lines are bold and idiosyncratic, and the
compositions are beautifully chaotic, just as one might find in nature. The work is not photorealistic but graphic, representing
in a pared-down way the essence of a terrain so diverse and unpredictable.
McDermott lives today in the Kimberley region in northwestern Australia, where she holds workshops on drawing, painting,
silkscreen printing, and fabric construction with local Aboriginal women’s groups.
Interior Landscape - Banksia Mixed Media on Paper 31.5” x 47.5”
merican artist
Elisabeth Radomsky
her photography and her artistic skills to create
compelling mixed media pieces on canvas. Her
process is unusual - she first captures the scene with
her camera and then uses that composition as the
basis for her oil or giclee paintings, or watercolors
accented with pastel pencil work. In each of her
paintings there is a strong sense of place, with her
masterful use of light and shadow, composition
and line, drawing the viewer in for a multi-sensory
experience. The use of diverse materials gives each
piece an almost magical dimension, imparting a
sense of the mystical and the etheral into otherwise
familiar landscapes and scenery.
Lisa has long been entranced by the beauty of
nature, and she seeks to touch people with her art
and to share all the splendor and wonder our world
has to offer. As she explains, “I want to evoke emotion in the viewer—that “ahh” moment... allowing them to see the special
beauty of that enchanted setting or that still life through my eyes.”
Elisabeth Radomsky is a world-class master photographer and painter who has received international awards. She currently
lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland, where she runs a successful portrait studio.
Piazza dei Tribunali Mixed Media on Canvas 22” x 30”
Elisabeth Radomsky
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