ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 24

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
ever he could to help people who were not necessar-
ily honorable, yet needed guidance. His efforts gave
me a sense of what it means to help one another, and
have led me to always strive to be a better person,
and to realize I am someone who can make a change,
even small, for a better world. I have to say that all of
my humanitarian activities are ultimately due to my
father. He raised me to feel that people are all the
same regardless of their wealth, fame or the family in
which they grow up.
What is the greatest challenge you face as an art-
Illustrating the sadness and hardship of people is
not easy because I really need to have a strong un-
derstanding of their individual situations in order to
be able to picture them in a tangible way. To do so,
I usually try to live and pass some time with them
in order to experience their difficulties; doing so is
sometimes the greatest challenge of all, and comes
with its consequences. For example, I have lived with
the female nomad breadwinners for a while with the
minimum basic needs. Their living conditions and
life struggles were bigger than me. I struggled to be
able to depict the real suffering they experience, and
ended up in hospital from the sickness I developed
while living there.
What would you say is the most fulfilling experience connected to your work that you have had
so far?
Joining the United Nations was the turning point of my life, which has opened up more opportunities
than I could benefit from.Through my work at the UN, I can reach more people across wider borders
with my humanitarian activities. I can harness my potential and improve my networking by engaging
in a society that has the means to be able to fulfill my ambitions of helping more people. It has been
quite a challenge, I have to admit, but I’m happy to have taken it!
What advice would you give to someone who would like to use their creative abilities to help
others, as you do?
Unlike many people, I’m strongly of the opinion that power lies in belief, so the best advice I could of-
fer is to believe in what you do, and to rest assured that even the smallest effort can leave a giant foot-
print in the world. It’s not just one person’s work that counts - it’s the belief and the idea behind that
work which makes it different and reminiscent. Let your mind fly beyond any boundaries and don’t
be afraid to fail. No matter which nationality, race, or religion you are, what really matters is that we
are all human, and we have to help each other to try to do our best and to avoid hurting one another.
The Soul of War #13
Photography on Canvas 49.5” x 33”, limited edition of 4
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