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ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Do you feel that your photographs have had an
impact on shifting ideologies?
I really hope that my recent collection “
The Soul Of
” will change the thoughts of the ones who are
fighting power. I hope it brings more peace to the
world in place of the devastating, physical and, more
importantly, emotional damage. I have tried very hard
to find the boots, helmets and gas masks that remain
from the war between Iran and Iraq, which was a ca-
tastrophe for my country. I’m sure that my photos
remind people of the war and the huge loss that fam-
ilies have suffered. There are still many people fight-
ing the diseases caused by the side effect of chemical
bombs. I know that my photos cannot stop war, but I
hope that they can be a small sign of appreciation for
the men and women who have sacrificed their lives
and fought for our safety. I am tremendously grateful
to those who have fought and who continue fighting
for our safety and freedom. Their absence is the rea-
son for our presence today. May God keep them in
peace, and I really hope that one day we will be able
to live safely, regardless of the borders.
What other projects have you engaged in to help
people who need it?
I have engaged a number of efforts in the hope of
helping people in need.
The gift bag for the 2011 Oscars was designed and dedicated by me. I designed the “World Food
Programme Persian Medallion,” which was included in the gift bag. The medallion is dedicated to the
United Nations World Food Programme, and all sales benefit the World Food Program of Iran. Along
with the medallion, the bag also included a collection of my photo collection depicting Persian No-
madic horses. I also designed and dedicated the Japanese Medallion to the ambassador of Japan in
Iran for the latest Tsunami.
I have worked in several outreach programs in my community. I had the privilege of dedicating my first
exhibition to building a school for underprivileged children. I have also traveled around to deprived
communities, educating women on how to earn a living by making crafts and local handmade items
to be sold in other cities or exhibitions.
In 2009, I entered the United Nations as an artistic consultant. Since then, I have made every effort to
convince known artists to run their exhibitions and any art-related events with the support of the UN,
and, in turn, to donate their profits to the fight against world hunger.
Has your background influenced your work in any way?
It definitely has, especially in the way that my father offered his sympathy to the poor, and did what-
The Soul of War #14
Photography on Canvas 49.5” x 33”, limited edition of 4
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