ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 21

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Fernando Braune
, photography is a process
that only begins with the camera. Braune creates
searing, surrealistic prints that layer both image and
medium. He starts with one or more photographs
of people mid-action, taken at close range and
dynamically composed to capture the energy in his
subjects’ bodies. Braune crops and combines these
scenes to reveal only some information about the
environment and what is really going on, leaving his
viewers to guess at the rest. The photographs are also
put through any one of several filters, leaving some
blurry and others harshly overexposed. The artist then
adds color and atmospheric effects using watercolor,
pastel, or crayon. The final step is digitizing and
printing the composite image.
The resulting work is at once disorienting and utterly absorbing. Faceless men, identifiable only by their uniforms, drive
cerulean tanks through inky-black nights. Rows of workers are superimposed one upon another and lit by amorphous
neon splotches. These are photographs which highlight the mystery of reality.
Braune was born in Brazil and currently lives in Rio de Janeiro. He is the author of several books on art and has enjoyed
international success, exhibiting in Spain, Italy, England, and Portugal as well as all around Brazil.
Element ZZ Photograph on Hahnemühle Paper 22” x 26”
Fernando Braune
anadian photographer
Scott Forsyth
pursued a lifelong journey dedicated to
capturing and portraying the wonder and beauty
of the immense Canadian landscape and its diverse
geographical regions. Compelled by photography’s
innate physical connection to reality, Forsyth takes
this medium to an entirely new level, drawing out
the nuances and intricacies of the subject landscape
using such techniques as multiple exposures,
elapsed time, and variations of shutter speed
and exposure duration. What results are intimate
photographic portraits of the natural world that
reflect a wide range of artistic styles, from Neo-
realism to Impressionism.
Forsyth focuses much of his artistic endeavors on
his Canadian homeland and cultivating a pride in its natural wonders that he hopes will contribute to a strong sense
of Canadian identity and encourage his audience to appreciate the natural treasures that surround them. His greatest
inspiration comes from the natural world, both its visual complexities and the layers of meaning and significance that lie
beneath in terms of human identity. He explains the way that he perceives the importance of the natural landscape in
simple but moving terms: “It stands as a testament to the forces of creation and to the vastness of time and space. In its
presence, I experience a sense of connection to everyone and everything.”
Timeless Reflection Giclee Print on Paper 24” x 36”
Scott Forsyth
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