ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 13

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
he poignant digital photography of
is a portal to a world where emotions and ideas take on substance and time
is as visible as any other dimension. Shifra photographs bodies moving through space in black-and-white. Most of her
subjects are simply walking or running, looking around with non-specific motions, and getting on with daily life. Their faces are
obstructed in their purpose, and their clothes could be modern or could be from decades ago. Their environments are largely
unimportant, sometimes deliberately overexposed or blurred out, sometimes completely visible but carefully featureless.
The most important features of these intriguing images are undoubtedly the figures, most often seen in silhouette. Their
poses are complex, and while they are easy to read broadly, it takes a long time to truly explore the nuances of their incredibly
expressive yet subtle stances. Shifra has an eye for the human body’s capacity to convey thoughts. She uses this visual language
as the building blocks of a narrative. The how and why are
mysterious, but the characters and emotional resonance
ring out clearly.
The use of black-and-white also adds a connotation of
time passing; though the work is digital, its aesthetic nods
to a century’s worth of traditional monochrome film. The
stark palette also lends the scenes a palpable air of drama.
Coupled with Shifra’s skilled use of filters to haze, sharpen,
and erase parts of each image, the lack of color results in a
vision of heightened reality. Shifra’s subjects walk through a
world of sensation and high emotional stakes.
Shifra was born in Israel and currently lives in the city of
Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv. She has had several exhibitions
of her ink drawings and photography, and a book of her
photographs has been published.
Ghosts of War 02 Photographic Print 12” x 16”
Ghosts of War 13 Photographic Print 16” x 12”
Ghosts of War 14 Photographic Print 16” x 12”
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