ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 129

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Athens, Greece
by Tasos Dimos
Athens. Cradle of our western civilization. A city that never sleeps. A place where a visitor can find spots to party all night
long, but also to meditate and cultivate the mind as well. There is not a place in the whole of Greece where one does not
see the glory of our ancient culture and it would be naïve to say that Greek artists are not influenced by this. Just taking
the subway to the city center, where at almost every stop there is a small museum, and finally arriving at Omonoia Square
and looking at the Acropolis is something that many would envy. The Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis Museum,
and the Cyclades Museum are only a few of the places where one can see samples of the fine art, sculpture and architec-
ture from ancient times. This plethora of art that one can see without any great effort has contributed to the fact that our
people are keen art lovers and the University of Fine Arts, which is situated in the heart of Athens, is ranked among the
best in the world.
Our National Gallery, which is just a few blocks away from Syntagma Square, houses works by the most famous Greek
artists and also hosts exhibitions from around the world. Currently under construction is the Museum of Contemporary
Art which will organize exhibitions of the art of our own time. If you take a walk in the district of Kolonaki you will see the
many art galleries that deal in fine art and if you visit the district of Psiri, Monastiraki, you will find, near the food markets,
art galleries which exhibit our more modern and contemporary art.
I would say the most significant art-related event that occurs in Athens is “Art Athina”, which takes place in the spring and
is an art fair with galleries from Athens and from the whole of Greece. Every year they hold a special exhibition at this fair
honoring a foreign country and their artists and each year more and more countries take part in the fair, which is visited
by thousands of art lovers during the three days that it lasts.
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