ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 122

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
Intensive and free-flowing
Intriguing and hectic
With endless on-goings
Bizarre and bold
Art and culture
Inspiring and shining
Like gold
Streaming lights
And yellow cabs
Manic traffic mad
Where a blink might miss
The restless prance
As life itself does dance
Vibrant activities
Meandering crowds
Countless commodities abound
As throngs immersed
On electronic gadgetry
Apparently unaware
Of their wanderings
Bustling walks of life
Weaving their paths
Of shopping and culinary delight
And entertainment laughs
Unwavering in day and night
Yet sanctuaries still provide
Momentary and sublime
Anything and everything
To behold
That could be sold
Historic and contemporary
Perpetually unravel and unfold
Wherein cash and credit abode
And competition and business
Speak volumes untold
Iconic landmarks
Old and new
With swanky streets
And musical treats
And fashion style
Mile after mile
Unfurled banners
Of Spangled Stars
Fundamental freedoms
A cornerstone for all
A United community
Bestowing Liberty
Within cultural Plurality
And responding
With strength, courage, and solemnity
Towards tragedy
Remembering and revering
Its heroic legacy
Towards a truly abhorrent
And incomprehensible calamity
As springing waters
Sprout spiritual serenity
Of God’s ultimate
And Divine mystery
The People’s
Kindness and harshness
In-deed interact
Cleanliness and filthiness
Balancing a pact
While toughness
And street savviness
Ought not be lacked
For survival tact
Perceptions of Times
Fragmented and fleeting
Can make a day
Feel as if
A year’s completing
Yet human spirit
And boundless energy propel
The magnificent complexity
Of New York City
Where liveliness
And constant re-inventing
human spirit And boundless energy propel The magnificent complexity Of New York City
Eric Oberhauser
Glimpses of New York City
(Impressions of a Novice)
Original poem composed by Eric Oberhauser, October 2013
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