ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 118

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
The Muse: She was once the female platonic ideal, a deity, a sage, a goddess, and for hundreds of years the blessing
of a Muse was essential for the creation of art. For many artists, the Muse is alive and well, infusing the psyche with a
gust of the divine, to inspire not imitation but new insights. For many years Agora Gallery’s Director Angela di Bello has
privately addressed the issue of new art forms with artists from every corner of the world. This dialogue has culminated
in her theory that today’s muse is often either a physical place or a place in the heart. Over the past ten years artists
have discussed with her the inspiration that becomes manifest when they are exposed to the spirit and energy of New
York City. In ‘Evoking the Muse’ artists share their experience of exhibiting their work in this exciting city. Angela would
like to thank Anthony, Eric, James and Julian for their evocative and powerful contributions, and encourage others to
share their experiences with us for the November 2014 issue of ARTisSpectrum.
New York City:
Evoking the Muse
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