ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 117

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
n his drawings,
Shawn Belanger
creates a unique
world out of strong yet free-flowing lines and bold
colors. While he starts from photographs, the artist does
far more in his images than simply copy those pictures.
Instead, he takes the details found in photographs and
recasts them to reflect his personal vision. Colors, lines
and angles take on an expressive dimension, turning
each drawing into a vibrant pattern that both evokes the
photographed scene and makes something completely
new from it. Each element in his drawings, every person
or animal in the scenes he shows us, is sharply rendered,
but his perspectives and his original sense of composition
put them into a new light.
Using artist ink markers to create his images, Belanger
makes the most of the intense colors that inks can provide,
punctuating each piece with bursts of bright shades that
animate his compositions and give them a sense of life.
He also balances densely patterned areas against blocks of pure color to create a dynamic flow and texture that keeps the
viewer’s eye engaged. Diagnosed with autism at an early age, Belanger has had to forge his own individual path to create
his work, and that sense of individuality comes across vividly in his drawings.
Waterfall - Jasper Alberta Giclee Print on Canvas 16” x 20”
Shawn Belanger
ascinated by the scents, colors and textures of wood and the elemental
qualities of metal,
Patricia Olguin
’s sculptures covey a tranquil beauty
that rises to the level of the surreal. She wields wood, metal and other
materials into complex expressions, drawing on surfaces, finishes and
textures that catch the eye and inspire the imagination. “I transport
the viewer to other states, provide beauty, company, alter people’s
atmospheres,” says Olguin. Her use of geometric constructs united with
often-exaggerated human shapes defies logic yet moves viewers on a
subconscious level.
Many of Olguin’s works are decidedly feminine, exploring the mystique and
allure of women through discretely placed florals and statuesque posing.
Others are an enticing mélange of materials, colors and shapes that catch
light and shadow. Drawing on symbolism and metaphor, her pieces convey
a veiled sensuality. Each is provocative, cognitive and tactile, expressing
emotions through form and texture. In viewing Olguin’s works, we find
ourselves seeking the inner truths and passions that drive us. In this, she
succeeds in elevating common materials into narrative touchstones that
reveal the very essence of humanity.
A Secret Kiss
Silver Paper & Mahogany 31.5” x 19.5”
Patricia Olguin
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