ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 116

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
he digital photography of South Korean–
American artist
Philip Cunningham
is as
hauntingly beautiful as it is inspiring to the
sensibilities of the viewer.Manyof Cunningham’s
photos are created using the photographic
techniques of long exposure and time lapse. In
addition, the artist has learned to capture the
beauty of the world at night, which opens up an
entirely new vista of subject material. In terms
of composition, Cunningham’s photographs are
vast in scope, often showcasing endless night
skies or the vastness of an urban landscape.
There is a harmony to all of his work, even as
he invites the viewer to look a bit deeper at
what they see in order to see the beauty hidden
In terms of subject matter, Cunningham seeks
out unique themes and unexpected compositions. He is as comfortable photographing the natural world as the human
one, often juxtaposing one realm against the other to create images rich in contrast and meaning. Above all, however,
Cunningham seeks in his work to capture the beauty of the world we live in and thereby share with the viewer a bit of the
magic in everyday surroundings that so often goes unseen.
Silky Night Sky Color Digital Photography 11” x 14”
Philip Cunningham
icheline Belin
’s elegant acrylic paintings blur the line between realism
and abstraction. Micheline Belin works in a style somewhat reminiscent of
the Impressionists, in which textures often soften and bleed into each other, and
colors are slightly more separated and brilliant than in life. Her palette is beautifully
realized and made complete by the artist’s exceptional talent for depicting the
many different qualities of sunlight throughout the day. Particulars in texture are
also carefully rendered, from the dark fuzz of a cypress tree to the radiant glassiness
of a quick-moving stream.
Micheline Belin largely paints outdoor scenes, but she is interested in a wide variety
of subjects within that theme – so wide, in fact, that it allows her the freedom to
experiment with different degrees of abstraction. One scene of Provence farmland
reproduces the buildings and foliage faithfully, with only a little license taken with
the tumbling colors of the grass. Another work, showing a tight close-up of a
volcano erupting, is stylized into an epic clash of meaty, textured orange against
murky green.
Micheline Belin currently lives in Grenoble, France. She is a self-taught artist who
has also worked, over the years, in silk painting, pastel, ink, oil, and collage.
La Danse du coquelicot
3D Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 39.4” x 19.7”
Micheline Belin
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