ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 108

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
James Chisholm
ames Chisholm
’s remarkable oil on linen
paintings are both a riot of activity and peacefully
contemplative. Chisholm paints detailed landscapes
with exceptional technical skill. Every leaf in a
wooded grove, every three-toned dappled shadow,
every ripple on a stream’s surface, is captured. These
small components are recorded painstakingly, with
just a hint of carefully attuned exaggeration in line
precision and color to produce an intensely beautiful
scene. This artist presents nature in high definition:
an emotional experience in which the land itself
shimmers in the sun.
Chisholm’s own take on the country idyll is to simply
get more personal. He paints characteristic spots in
the land, such as a certain bridge, water sluice, or
even rural power plant, and names the feature in his
titles. Coupled with his documentary-like faithfulness
in painting every last detail, this approach results in
wonderfully grounded, real images. The ideal exists, and Chisholm reveals it to us.
James Chisholm currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts and has exhibited throughout that state. He is an art instructor
and published writer, and is represented in such prestigious collections as those of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and
Harvard University’s Grossman Library.
Everett Power Plant Oil on Linen 48” x 60”
atricia Proust-Labeyrie
uses a “multi-sensorial
strategy” to create works that incorporate a
variety of perspectives and techniques. Whether she
is painting in oils and acrylics, or making densely
layered photographic prints on Plexiglas, the artist
creates intricately connected webs of imagery. Her
photographs use multiple exposures to construct
pictures that bring indoor and outdoor space
together, capturing the essence of both while making
something new. Proust-Labeyrie says that she is
interested in “capturing the dynamic relationships
that generate environmental elements,” and her
images powerfully envision those relationships. The
expressive use of color helps the viewer distinguish
between the layers of imagery while also setting an
overall mood for each print. The eye is kept in motion while viewing these pictures, but there is a centered quality to each
composition that ensures that all of the elements are balanced.
A similar principle can be seen at work in Proust-Labeyrie’s paintings. Juxtaposing contrasting colors in stark, simple
compositions that bridge the worlds of realism and abstraction, she layers those colors by using drips and thick swaths of
paints, with the resulting textures giving each painting an energy that is controlled by its creator’s elegant style. In all of
her work, the process of transformation and change is brought to vivid life.
L’Extimement Lie Photographic Print on Plexiglas 27” x 39.5”
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