ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 103

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
An important advantage for us artists is that the introductions are recorded on video, which Agora Gallery publishes on
Facebook, YouTube, and the gallery website. This is a great tool for promoting our ideas and comments about our creative
To make the most of receptions, artists should be as approachable as possible to visitors, who include art collectors and
members of the press. Receptions provide a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and introduce art in a way that could
lead to sales. It is amazing to hear from visitors who like the art.
Visitors to the reception should take advantage of the opportunity to interact with artists. Many Agora artists travel a long way
to attend the receptions, creating a rare opportunity to speak with such a geographically diverse crowd of artists, in New York.
Speaking with artists deepens one’s understanding of what is not immediately visible to the eye, such as the artist’s inspiration.
Participating in an international art exhibition in New York City is an important first step on the road to success as an artist. We
artists choose to exhibit in New York because, as a major international art center, it is an excellent environment for our artwork.
Like a farmer who carefully selects the soil in which he plants seeds, we artists attempt to place our artwork in the best location.
The farmer understands that planting seed in the right soil is only a first step, and he will not be able to harvest overnight. He
must wait patiently and continue to work before he can see the fruits of his labor. Similarly, we artists cannot expect overnight
success. There is no secret to success other than two words: “KEEP GOING.” Continue creating, continue exhibiting.
In 2008, after taking a break for many years, I decided to return to the creative process. I felt ready for that step because I was
prepared – I had a website, my paintings, and a burning desire to exhibit and share my creations with the world. I knew that the
road to a successful career for any artist is winding, sometimes bumpy, and requires patience, inner discipline and persistence.
It is often impossible to be a full-time artist, especially at the beginning of a career. Some of us work full-time jobs and take care
of our families. But think of Wassily Kandinsky – long before he became known as one of the most influential painters in the
history of modern art, he painted during his free time away from his job as an attorney.
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