ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 102

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
My experience of being represented
by Agora Gallery
by Kristina Garon
Artist Kristina Garon has been part of the Agora Gallery family of artists since 2009. With five exhibitions and a sixth coming up
in October, Kristina is a seasoned exhibitor with a wealth of information for artists and gallery visitors alike. Read on as she shares
valuable career advice for artists looking to make the best of opening receptions for their exhibitions.
As an artist who has exhibited for six years with Agora Gallery, I have had quite a few experiences with opening receptions.
Attending one’s opening reception is a great advantage for artists, and I encourage every artist to participate as actively as
Each year when I come to Agora Gallery for my opening reception, there is excitement in the air, which, as an artist, I feel in my
At Agora Gallery, artists are invited to arrive before the reception opens to the public. Angela Di Bello, Gallery Director, introduces
the gallery staff, and then each artist is invited to speak a few words. I know that speaking publicly is not easy for everyone –
in fact, we visual artists are most comfortable speaking with our art! At my first reception, I was nervous and uncomfortable
about speaking in public, and I could tell that several fellow artists felt the same way. Gradually I have learned that publicity is an
important element of success for professional artists, and in following years, I have felt more and more at ease. Now when it is
my turn to speak, I feel completely comfortable, and I want to share so much that I need to restrict myself not to speak too long!
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