ARTisSpectrum Vol. 31, May 2014 - page 100

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 31 |
he works of New Zealand-born photographer
raw emotion as much as they represent environmental wonders.
Inspired by the splendors of nature, Murray endeavors to preserve
the marvels of the world as well as motivate others to appreciate
them. Working with color and black-and-white photography, she
penetrates the essence of the natural world in order to demonstrate
the power of the landscapes she shoots. Murray has traveled to more
than thirty countries in her pursuit of grand vistas to photograph,
capturing snowy summits and arid deserts with equal veracity and
passion. “The desire for me is to capture the moment or emotion
- whether it is landscape, people, culture, architecture, disaster,
devastation or victorious feats,” explains the artist.
Jude Murray lives in Western Australia. Her photographs have been
published in magazines worldwide.
Porters Pass Photographic Print on Canvas 16” x 24”
Jude Murray
Timeless Desires Acrylic on Canvas 19.5” x 27.5”
rlette Zurbuchen
’s work in acrylic on canvas inspires the pleasures
of the imagination. Vital figures and vivid symbols are often
overlaid with dense and tiny patterns of script which could allude to
indigenous hieroglyphs or the signs of contemporary global digital
interface. Having a background in theater as well as painting, her
expressive portraits often focus on a human subject, their larger than
life auras floating off the canvas in bold flying colors. Fascinated by
the complexity of human character and the vacillations of the ego, her
works veer toward Surrealism, naturalism and the absurd.
Arlette Zurbuchen was born in Bern, Switzerland. She studied at the
School of Art and College of Education in Bern and still lives and works
in her hometown.
Arlette Zurbuchen
elf-taught contemporary photographer
Kat Dennis
shoots with
a Canon 60D. Although she’s equally at ease in macro and micro
perspectives, her real love lies in capturing broad expanses of natural
landscape and its wondrous wildlife. Colorado mountains in full glory,
a beautiful pollen-collecting bee, courting birds, razor sharp cracks
of lightening, ice formations, waterfalls and delicate ecosystems all
factor into these larger than life compositions. Dennis’ printed pieces
largely reflect the original image. Without extensive editing she is
able to communicate the natural beauty of her home terrain, saying “I
want [the viewer] to feel as though they are experiencing it firsthand,
as though they are standing in Colorado.”
Photographer Kat Dennis was born and raised in Colorado where
she currently lives and works.
Kat Dennis
My Pride Digital Photography 16” x 20”
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