ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 16-17

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
I am very grateful to Agora Gallery for giving me an opportunity to exhibit my work at such a prestigious gallery as well as in such a unique
magazine as ArtisSpectrum. I am also grateful to Angela DiBello, the director of Agora, who has given me guidance in how to identify which
genres seem to be my strongest and how to present my artwork to greater effect -- advice that is invaluable to an artist trying to succeed
in the New York art world.
Brenda Ness-Cooper
I am happy and proud to be participating in Agora’s projects. This magazine with the artists in the cover is a very precious idea, mainly
because I know the quality of Agora Gallery projects.
Carmen Erazo
To be included on cover of ARTisSpectrum, as one of the community of artists locating their Art in Agora Gallery — is a rare opportunity.
Three years of being represented by Agora has allowed the learning more of artwork presentation, curating, publicity, freighting, as well as
writing of art-making experiences for ARTisSpectrum.
Caroline Josephs, PhD
Naturally, being included with a grouping of my fellow artists, on the cover of Agora Gallery’s magazine, ARTisSpectrum, is a profound
honor. It motivates me to pursue that one piece of work that will remain for all time, where the temptation to add or take away a line,
a dab of color, a design feature or a bit of texture, will be forever satisfied. In many ways, this cover is only the beginning, but, what a
Charles Conrardy
Having my art in a New York gallery has not only been great for my resume, but also great for my self-confidence. It has inspired me to
keep creating as well as given me the confidence to continue to submit my work for exhibition and publication. This is sincerely a great
Clint Saunders
It has taken almost 30 years for me to get to New York. To be part of the artist featured in the 30th edition is motivating and inspiring for
my work. To be able to communicate with other cultures is a privilege that makes me totally happy and, at the same time, gives me the
commitment to continue with my art.
Cristobal Gonzalez Guzman
The significance of my participating on the cover of the 30th ARTisSpecturm Magazine is an inspiration marking my artistic growth as well
as reaching out globally. To see myself displayed on the cover of the 30th ARTisSpectrum, in Chelsea, the capital of art world, is a great
honor and responsibility for me. Being represented on the cover of the 30th ARTisSpectrum is the best chance to become visible as an
accepted artist in the professional art world. Happy Anniversary ARTisSpectrum! and many thanks for inviting me.
Dagmar Wankowski
For an artist, recognition and encouragement are essential - they lead to longevity in a body of work. My affiliation with Agora Gallery
and the opportunity to show my work in a premier New York gallery has provided me with the extra spark I need to “keep on keeping on”.
Thank you Agora!
David Costello
It rarely befalls to anyone to have their face (all be it in the company of others), on the cover of a magazine, and even less so on one that
has prestige. Prestige and commitment. Agora Gallery undoubtedly produces such a magazine that not only fulfills the role of informing
the public of current art trends, but also presents their artists in an illuminating light, to this same public. Who would not be filled with a
sense of pride to be included in such a publication? Especially on such an auspicious edition.
David W. Whitfield
It has been my dream to have a show in and be represented by a prestigious gallery, such as Agora Gallery, in New York. For me, it is the
gold standard. I am honored to be included in the ARTisSpectrum Magazine and to be on its cover. I can say my dream has been fully
realized. Now I approach each new canvas with even greater enthusiasm and inspiration. Through the Agora Gallery and its publications,
my work will be seen worldwide.
Debra Branitz
Being on the cover of the ARTisSpectrum validates my art work and drives me to create better works of art. It is a thrill that I never thought
possible. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be in the magazine.
Donna Shaffer
Agora Gallery has recognised the opportunity to offer to the cultural audience of New York a touch on an original macroworld in photog-
raphy. Each snapshot depicts a private trip of the viewer to the fabulation by provoking and motivating his abstract thinking. Discover your
world of allegory and experience the adventure of enigmatic deduction.
Dušan Swalens
As an artist, I find that the biggest challenge is finding moments of inspiration, and, once I find them, making it profound and eternal. Being
part of this edition of ARTisSpectrum means sharing the inspiration with a group of talented artists who, like myself, have the fortune and
opportunity to exhibit our work in one of the art capitals of the world, thanks to Agora Gallery.
Eduardo D. Rubin
Об этом возможно и нужно мечтать, - Я на обложке журнала ARTisSpectrum 30! Юбилейный! США ! Манхэттен ! Нью Йорк ! Я
доверяю свои работы и мысли только холсту –но этой Волшебной Бумаге журнала верю ещё больше ! Здесь тоже моё будущее,
моё творчество , мои зрители!
Elena Shrokhova-Gayun
Art is passion, Art is a connection, Art is a Spectrum. I consider it a great honor to be included in the pages of such a prestigious magazine,
which will be opening a new window for a new audience. I believe that the ARTisSpectrum magazine embodies the same philosophy by
which I evoke my art. Seeing my work alongside so many talented contemporaries gives me a sense of community, to an otherwise solitary
Erasmo Jorge Gomez
Mi sento molto gratificato nell’apparire sulla copertina di ARTisSpectrum , ma soprattutto per far conoscere ad un pubblico cosi vasto e
competente il frutto del mio lavoro che, è quello che da di me stesso un immagine, più completa che fa affiorare la mia elaborazione del
mondo che mi circonda, con le mie angosce , le mie certezze, con me stesso, molto meglio di un immagine fotografica.
Fabrizio Pinzi
It is for me a pleasure to be featured in the next issue of ArtisSpectrum number 30th with my art. To be present in New York in Agora Gal-
lery improved my creativity and let me feel a really international artist. In the future my art will be influenced esoterically this contact with
the capital of the art world.
Fabrizio Valle’
It’s an anniversary ... and I welcome new beginnings! What an honor to be part  of the spectrum of artists that have their work displayed
at Agora Gallery and to be on the cover of ArtisSpectrum magazine in NYC! This opportunity has increased my creative flow and has in-
spired me to push my creative self in new directions. It has allowed me to open myself up to exploring my art in ways that I never thought
Felix Semper
More important than the visibility of participating on the cover in the ARTisSpectrum magazine is to know that I have been represented
by Agora Gallery, a gallery with such great credibility and seriousness, which gives me enormous confidence and motivation to go on. This
makes all the difference!
Fernando Braune
This has been a major step in my career as an artist. Being an ARTisSpectrum participant, one of the most important art magazines in New
York, has begun to actualize my work and effort of many years to get my work recognized and respected in the capital of the world of art,
the capital of the world.
Francisco Canas
The inspiration this experience gives me is reflected in my canvasses, as is a sense of optimism which encourages my flying, dancing colors. All my
experiences have become a part of my work and who I am.
Fred Mou
My husband’s first reaction to the privilege that was bestowed open me was, “Wow - to be a cover girl on a New York Art magazine - can
life get any better?” I am delighted and honored to being included on the cover and profiled in ARTisSpectrum Magazine. Painting is
my passion and sometimes there is doubt, but with this endorsement I can let my imagination and creative energy flow to new heights.
Gabriele Stewart
To have my art recognized in such a prestigious magazine is an honor itself. I have dreamed of being recognized as a serious artist and
showing people different aspects of my life. Studying under Robert Warren has led my hand in a different method of showing light and
depth in my work.
Dorothy Slikker
Agora Gallery has been an exceptional experience. My work has been pushed to another level by them and my managers. The team there all
are also strong leaders from what I have experienced. If they chartered a cruise, you could sign me up! They’re in charge.
Brady Steward
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