ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 14-15

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
he urban travel photography of Ukraine artist
Valerii Tkachenko
lends a romanticized, emotive approach to familiar
city landscapes around the world. In his fine art photography, Tkachenko combines an exceptional understanding
of light and color with a balanced sense of composition to create pieces both dreamy and magical, and yet startlingly
realistic. In addition, Tkachenko experiments with traditional Chinese artistic styles that lend an ancient and timeless look
to his captured images. What results are images that are both pleasing to the eye, yet contain deeper levels of meaning.
There is a strong interplay between light and shadow in Tkachenko’s work, particularly in his night photography. Here,
Tkachenko demonstrates a strong appreciation of the ways in which the time of day and the degree of natural light
that ensues confer different values and meanings on identical architectural forms and urbanscapes. Within each image,
Tkachenko strives to find the perfect balance of light and shadow, and elicit the greatest degree of significance and
meaning from his subject—and thus a powerful emotional reaction from his viewers.
Inspired by classic photographers Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz, as well as Chinese artist Dong Hong-Oai, Tkachenko
seeks to document both historical aspects of everyday life and the emotional response these urbanscapes elicit in the
modern viewer. As Tkachenko explains, “Photography is a mirror of life . . . a recollecting of memories.” By looking at these
modern places and sites through a historical lens, the viewer is able to gain a much better appreciation of his or her own
particular moment in time and how it connects to the greater timeline of human existence.
Valerii Tkachenko currently lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.
Valerii Tkachenko
Bruges in Reflection
Photographic Print on Aluminum (Lambda Method) 23.5” x 35.5”
Real Life Ancient Town
Photographic Print on Aluminum (Lambda Method)
35.5” x 23.5”
Valerii in his Studio
orn in Tehran, Iran,
Mina Novian
spent her childhood in Dumont, New Jersey, where, not being fluent in English, she began
communicating through the world of drawings and colors. Her talents flourished, and today, her evocative oil paintings
capture the mood of long-lost memories. Her intense, often heavily saturated colors richly explore the full emotional spectrum
nature bestows on the discerning eye. Highly skilled with a palette knife, Novian wields paint and color into textures that reveal
in sharp relief the fabric of each subject. There is confidence and balance in her use of contrasts, of hues and accents. Her
compositions and structural ability render each work timeless, a possession to behold, to study, to reflect. The artist clearly
possesses a fire from within, which drives the passion in her work. She adroitly renders any subject that inspires her—from
abstract landscapes to classical figures; the latter, she imbues with a sense of romance, and an innocence that begs for discovery.
From the very fist glance, one can see that Novian embraces
nature’s colorful diversity. Her clouded skies, forest hills and
snowscapesare lyrical abstracts thatengageandmove. Every
hue and stroke seems purposeful and emphatic, touching
the soul, entreating the viewer to explore the impression
the work seeks to make. There is also an inescapable
serenity in every work, even when turbulent skies touch the
wandering earth, or winter’s breath chills at water’s edge.
Every painting speaks to nature in its magnificent grandeur.
Pristine scenes are adoringly rendered, taking viewers on a
journey, reliving a march of time long lost, or a feeling once
held in pleasant reverie. People are lovingly embraced in
color and form, centerpieces to narratives past and present.
In every Novian work, one’s imagination is set free.
Mina in her Studio
Krakow Lilies Oil on Canvas 36” x 26”
The Red Dress Oil on Canvas 36” x 30”
Mina Novian
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