ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 12-13

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
cuadorean artist
Cristobal Gonzalez Guzman
has developed his own visual language over
the course of his artistic career, an expressionistic
approach to the development and execution
of art forms that centers around the dynamic
use of color applied to a distorted figurative
expression. Working with mixed media on canvas
in large artistic formats, Guzman creates abstract
expressionist paintings with a decidedly Cubist
bent. His imagery stems directly from his personal
life experience and context, and how this unique
perspective comes to relate to the rest of the world.
Thus, in its creation, each composition becomes
laden with cultural meaning and universal human
A hallmark of Guzman’s work lies in his unique
use of bold, robust color, which becomes its
own modality for emotive expression within the
image. Compositionally, there is a heavy emphasis
on substantial lines and geometric forms. While
there is a strong basis of plasticity within each
composition, elements of dynamic movement and
fluidity exists as well, adding yet another layer of
interest and meaning to the overall effect. Abstract
and Cubist elements are interspersed throughout
and work to intensify emotive components and
expand the symbology of his artistic language.
Overall, the visual impact of Guzman’s images is
extraordinary, and the viewer is confronted with
a complex pictorial tapestry both painterly and
profound in terms of significance and meaning.
Guzman attributes the contrasting and powerfully
unorthodox use of color that characterizes his work
to his Andean origin and his search for history and
meaning in the small South American country that
was his birthplace and home. As Guzman explains,
“It is important for me to explore how the artist’s
physical context affects their artistic production
and overall sensibility.” He describes himself as a
colorist who somehow tries to establish his own
identity through his artwork.
Cristobal Gonzalez Guzman has exhibited
throughout Ecuador, South America, the United
States, and Europe. In 1994, he opened the
Gonzalez Guzman Art Gallery in Quito for
emerging artists and has also taught visual arts at
the American School of Quito for the past 10 years.
Cristobal Gonzalez Guzman
Cactus Lover Mixed Media on Canvas 67” x 47”
“It is important
for me to
e xp l o r e how
t h e a r t i s t ’s
p h y s i c a l
context affects
their artistic
p r o d u c t i o n
and overal l
Las Manolas Mixed Media on Canvas 47” x 55”
Diva En El Divan Mixed Media on Canvas 47” x 67”
Cristobal in his Studio
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