ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 112-113

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
Graciela Montich
nspired by world museums, art shows, and a love
of nature, Argentina-born
Graciela Montich
her talents in a five-year workshop of master painter
Claudio Bogino Cordoba. Her métier is driven by a
passion to pursue an ideal image of the world, each
piece seeking to isolate a singular moment of reality
in time, to both eternalize and make it accessible.
Montich engages the eye with works of unrestrained
motion, and colors that range from subtle to deeply
arresting. She immerses herself in nature’s beauty,
expressing her “forest of dreams” through captivating
images of foliage, plants and fragrance. Through
flashes of light amidst dark woods and wet, leafy
shadows, Montich conveys the mystery of a natural
world that is luminous and illusory. In this, each
subject is presented with poignancy and revelation,
succeeding to create imagery that ignites the
In some works, Montich unites human form in a
context that is at once surreal and grounded in a world
we know. These windows into the artist’s soul provide
a narrative that is expository in style and substance, a
dreamlike vision of what is and what could be. Here,
images are inter-dimensional or bifurcated, reflecting
a love of sea and serenity. In contrast, Montich
approaches still life with a definitive flair for classical
motifs, each grounded in reality and appealing to the
senses. Colors segue from bold to subtle. Lines are
fluid and the balance of form is exemplary. Driven
by the need to create vivid works that are inexorably
linked to life, each piece instantly connects viewers to
its subject. Regardless of subject, every Montich work
is invitational, drawing the viewer in, suggesting an
impression, a viewpoint that awakens and inspires.
Vertical Garden Oil on Linen 47” x 79”
Red Garden Oil on Linen 43” x 71”
Graciela in her Studio
She immerses herself in
nature’s beauty, expressing
her “forest of dreams” through
captivating images of foliage,
plants and fragrance.
he vivid colors captured in the expressionistic
acrylic on canvas paintings of Chilean artist
Carmen Erazo
both define and enhance her
celebration of the goddesses of this world who both
create and give life. More recently, she has been
exploring the depths of the cellular world, both
its detailed mechanisms and its intrinsic rhythms.
Within her paintings, several main themes are
interwoven: Africa, the place where the evolution of
humans took place; all the hidden beauty there is
to be found on the cellular plane; and the women/
goddesses who ultimately represents the origin of
the development of humanity.
Both Erazo’s palette and style of brushwork are
dramatic and compelling, with paint in turn being
applied liberally with broad brushstrokes to create a
smoother texture. Each composition features strong
lines and geometrical forms to create celebratory
images full of color, movement, and a great honoring of all life. Here, viewers are invited into an entirely new elemental
realm that is at once new and ancient. In the end, through her art, Erazo is able to immerse her viewers in a visual feast of
love for the many layers of existence that make up our world.
Danza en Azul Acrylic on Canvas 47.5” x 59”
Carmen Erazo
ultimedia Canadian artist, designer, and
Kaycee Lynne
creates vibrant,
colorful collages, with an emphasis on simple
lines, monochromatic hues, and clearly delineated
forms, with a strong sense of lightness and joy
reverberating through each piece. Compositions
are balanced and harmonic, enabling a strong focus
on the subject matter at hand and the storyline
contained within. Indeed, each image has a story to
tell and truths to reveal, a narrative limited only by
the viewer’s imagination.
The simplicity of design and composition does not
detract from the wide range of meaning contained
within. For Lynne, creative expression has the power
to bring great joy and peace into a world that is
sorely in need of such virtues. Lynne’s simple philosophy best describes the implicit meaningfulness in her art and her
belief in the importance of the creative life for us all: “Share who you are . . . share what you are becoming. Share what you
think. Share what you feel. Share what you create. . . . Believe . . . someone will see. You can make a positive difference in
the world.”
Well Wishes Mixed Media on Board 20” x 30”
Kaycee Lynne
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