ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 102-103

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
Roni Fées is very happy of the invitation of the Director of the Agora Gallery, Angela Di Bello. Agora is a wonderful gallery, bright, spa-
cious, fantastic for new expression and originality of creation. The artistic work is always a very secret part of the artist and Roni is so glad
to share this intimate part of himself with art buyers and lovers of modern art for the 30th Anniversary of ARTisSpectrum in the capital of
the art world.
Roni Fées
What an adventure! What a pleasure to start my international career with the publication in ARTisSpectrum ... and participate in the 30th
Anniversary, it is a great honor! I think this is a great opportunity for me to show my work in such a professional publication and to inspire
art lovers to better know my artistic universe! I am very proud of this incredible experience!
Samantha Perreaz (“SAM”)
Having the Agora Gallery lend their experience and credibility has definitely been a boost to my professional art practice: their representa-
tion aided in gaining recognition with my local galleries, as well as putting me in touch with other international art contacts and venues. It
has helped me progress forward in a way that I may not have been able to do otherwise if it had not been for their involvement. I am truly
thankful to participate in this amazing opportunity, and cannot wait to see what doors it will open in the future!
Sarah Doherty Heinrichs
As a New Zealand based artist, I feel inspired by the opportunity to introduce myself and a sample of my work on the cover of ARTisSpec-
trum in New York. Having an audience to share the work, completes the work and knowing I have an audience, gives me the inspiration and
motivation I need to keep making paintings. With the work being viewed in one of the largest centres in the fine art world, this challenges
me to make the best work I am capable of making, and risk testing new ideas in my painting practise.
Sarah Mitchell Munro
Although my paintings feel so personal to me, exhibiting in New York at Agora Gallery has shown me that people everywhere can relate
to my art. The open mindedness of New Yorkers is a refreshing and motivating indication that I should keep painting what is genuine and
unin uenced by comparison. I am thrilled about being on the cover of ARTisSpectrum. It is privilege and an exciting opportunity for my
work to gain more exposure in New York.
Sarah Otts
It is thrilling for me to be on the cover of ARTisSpectrum Magazine. From the first moment I put my foot in New York many years ago, I
was inspired and in awe of the New York galleries. Coming from Paris, it was my dream to have an exhibit in New York, which I viewed as
being the capital of the art world. Exhibiting in New York, at Agora Gallery, is a fulfillment of my dreams and an inspiration for expanding
my horizons, and furthering my career as a professional artist.
S.L.S. (Sarah L. Singer)
Having just recently joined the family of artists at Agora Gallery, I was amazed to receive this incredible opportunity to be on the cover of
this anniversary edition of ArtisSpectrum. I have felt exhilarated by the knowledge that my landscape photographs will have the opportu-
nity to be viewed by others in the most famous art district in North America - Chelsea New York! This motivates me to continue creating
new work and propels my desire to pursue future exhibitions in my home country.”
Scott Forsyth
As a mask maker in Venice, Italy for 30 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in important exhibitions and events throughout
Europe and the U.S.A. However, it has always been my dream to show my work in New York, what I consider to be the art capital. The smile
I wear today is thanks to Agora Gallery for making my dream of three decades finally come true!
Sergio Boldrin
I am always looking forward to exhibiting at Agora Gallery. Every exhibit inspires me and sends me working harder, trying to find new
ways to express myself. It will be exciting and lovely to see myself on the cover of ARTisSpectrum in the company of artists l have been
exhibiting with.
I am thrilled to be part of the cover of ARTisSpectrum! My work being displayed in New York will give momentum to my future aspirations.
This opportunity inspires me to reach further into my artistic soul. I feel my creations are reaching in new level, which will propel my art
in the international front scene.
Steven Blandin
I am very enthusiastic to be participant of the 30th anniversary edition of ARTisSpectrum! It is significant possibility to increase promotion
of my art in truly worlds capital of the art world! With bright color, influence and inspiration for future artworks is given by the magazine
Thomas Ab-e
J’aime beaucoup la relation que j’entretiens avec la Gallery Agora, et ce fut un plaisir d’exposer avec la gallerie à New York. Une expérience
enrichissante dans tous les domaines, et naturellement je continurais d’exposer à New York avec la galerie Agora car c’est l’une des villes
qui me passionne. Mon inspiration est plus importante lors de mes voyages, des rencontres avec les autres cultures.
Taitmès Soinoff
It is always an honor to be featured in such a high quality publication as ARTisSpectrum magazine. Having my works displayed in the gal-
lery was intensely rewarding experience and having been included in the magazine has made my art available to a greater international
audience. I have certainly been motivated to reward this opportunity by striving to improve the quality of my creative expressions, as my
peers have become as diverse as my audience.
Tania Doucet
My experience with the Agora Gallery has been absolutely incredible! When they presented their idea for the ARTisSpectrum Magazine
Anniversary Edition I was ecstatic! The creativity of the staff and has been truly inspiring to me. I feel this is the turning point of my career,
the chance of a lifetime.
Theresa Bendzius
I feel honored and inspired to be one of the selected participants profiled in Agora’s 30 Anniversary ARTisSpectrum magazine. This is
encouragement for me to produce more art that I would love to show in New York. It’s easy to imagine that I will have an increased desire
and urgency to continue to push forward with my fine art career.
Tricia Kaman
It is flattering to be presented on the cover of ARTisSpectrum, which is a magazine filled with informative art related articles and works of
artists from all over the world. This opportunity inspires me even more to develope as an artist. Thanks to Agora Gallery I have exhibited
my works and received several offers from art lovers and art connoisseurs in Europe and in the U.S. The connection to Agora Gallery and
presentations in the ArtisSpectrum magazine have been a door opener to my artistic career.
Trond Are Berge
Chelsea, New York, here I come! ARTisSpectrum first, then Manhattan! The challenge now is that all the nice people at Agora Gallery have
spoiled me with an incredible service and quality in their effort! Now I hope the New Yorkers and everyone else will spoil us further by
crowding the Gallery and buying a lot of artwork!
TA (Trygve Amundsen)
I feel really honoured to see myself on the cover of ARTisSpectrum! Thanks to Agora Gallery, I get access to its connections with muse-
ums, curators, publications, major collectors, critics and other art world arbiters. That’s why being published on the cover of a magazine
opens myriads of horizons for me.
Valerii Tkachenko
My every exhibition makes me all the more Mature artist and a person. Returning again and again to New York, I get inspiration from this
amazing place, walking through Central Park and peering into the faces of the people I see them joy and experiences and transfer on the
canvases, and thus appear my amazing creations. My creativity it’s my life. I want to be useful to other people and to bring positive in this
Valeriy Zharkikh
A mon premier coup de pinceau, jamais je n’aurais imaginé un jour pouvoir exposer dans une Galerie et figurer dans un Grand Magazine
d’Art. C’est une vive émotion car l’artiste a toujours un sentiment exacerbé de ses limites. Mais c’est aussi une expérience très enrichissante
que de faire partie de la Communauté des Beaux-Arts de New-York ; une chance dont je suis consciente et une aventure inoubliable.
Vanida Amiot
To see my artwork in the magazine makes me feel so unreal about the artwork itself. At the same time, I feel it is too real, too. The piece
might prove something I did not realize after I finish each single work, but it might not. But it definitely gives me different view of point
to relocate my artwork.
Wei Xiong
I am really excited to be participating in the Anniversary Edition of ARTisSpectrum Magazine. I have been participating in this magazine in
6 volumes and have had a long and wonderful association with Agora Gallery. As a result of exhibiting with this wonderful gallery, many
doors have opened in regard to exhibiting my works all over the world as well as being inspired to study for a Bachelor of Arts degree as
a mature student.
Wendy Cohen
This artistic period for my inspiration and creativity is the best. Today, Agora Gallery gives me an incredible opportunity to make a great
acceleration in the way of art. To let the world know my works, to be on the cover of the famous magazine, ARTisSpectrum - all of this gives
me a greater thrust to achieve high-level works.
Roberto Del Fabbro
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