ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 8-9

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
Welcome to the 30th anniversary issue of ARTisSpectrum Magazine. From the onset, our objective
has been to bring attention to the talent that lives amongst us. Over the years, our covers and feature
articles have reflected topics of interest to: local, regional and international artists, as well as to col-
lectors, by bringing new and innovative art forms to the forefront of the art market. For this, our very
special issue, we want to acknowledge YOU, the artists, who have tirelessly made your way through
the highs and lows of your journey; painters, sculptors, and photographers who relentlessly aspire to
be challenged, inspire others and grow to reach greater levels of perfection.
Angela Di Bello / editor in chief
About the Cover
What better way to dedicate our Special 30th Anniversary issue to our artists than to feature them on
the cover?
When we sent out the call for our artists’ photographs, we never expected such a great turnout! With
over 100 participating artists, we ended up having to stretch the design to the front, back, and inside
Along with their images, artists sent in a short statement to tell us just what ARTisSpectrum’s 30th
Anniversary means to them as creators. You will find these statements scattered among these pages.
Please join us and enjoy these humble, gratious, and inspirational testimonials that remind us of why
we put out this magazine: to celebrate and encourage these hard workers who bare their souls when
they share their art with us all.
Thank you, artists!
I am truly honored to be an addition to this 30th anniversary issue of ARTisSpectrum Magizine. As an artist trying to advance my career
to a wider audience , this issue is even more significant. Your craft is an extension of yourself. The fact that this issue is dedicated to the
artist who put their emotions, sweat and soul into their works gives even more significance to this particular issue, and its thirty issues of
celebrating fine artist.
Alan Reddick
Thirty issues, it is more than a single event! I am extremely glad to be associated with this festive event, which also marks my first exhibition
in New York City. I also feel it is a new beginning for me: splashing into the world of beauty and arts. With the Agora Gallery, I am confident
that my art will achieve an international status.
Dr. Albert Legault
En relación a como me siento por la oportunidad que me ofrecen ;  siento una responsabilidad muy bonita y muchas ganas de seguir
haciendo lo que siento.Con nuestros actos cotidianos crear un mundo mejor y mirar hacia adelante con alegría,ilusión y esperanza para
Alberto Illescas Moreno
I am living my lifelong dream. The fact that my paintings are included in the ARTisSpectrum magazine and being represented on the cover
affords me a level of confirmation which I have never felt before regardless of the comments I have received as an artist. As an artist who
considers himself a perfectionist all through the creative process there are self doubts. It is recognition like being selected for the cover
of ArtisSpectrum that puts those doubts to rest and allows me to continue to reach for greater heights and possibly even attain a level of
recognition that is bestowed on very few artists.
Allan Raider
I am thrilled to be part of the Agora Gallery’s 30th anniversary celebration – particularly as it was 30 years ago when I started exhibiting
professionally! I am very thankful to have been given this opportunity. It is especially exciting to be exhibiting in New York - the city that
has long represented cutting edge contemporary art from all over the world.
Ann Manie
I hope to persevere in altering the Conventional views of Balance between the world and the Human Experience through my works, and I
am honored to have the opportunity to showcase my Creations in the 30th Anniversary of ARTisSpectrum Magazine, as it is a Vehicle, for
all art lovers to broadcast their Artworks in order to reach greater heights.
AnnaMaria Critelli
This opportunity with Agora - online, in ARTisSpectrum Magazine, and in two group exhibitions at this beautiful Chelsea gallery - has
given me amazing exposure to the world market and inspired me to create some of my best paintings. Representation by the Galerie
d’Orsay in Boston is new and a direct result of my association with the Agora Gallery. I am honored to be on the cover and in the feature
article in this 30th anniversary edition of ARTisSpectrum Magazine.
Anne-Marie Crosby
Words alone cannot express my enthusiasm about the significance of having my image grace the cover of Agora’s 30th Anniversary ARTis-
Spectrum! It represents a defining recognition of my visual creations and what they symbolize, because ARTisSpectrum is the authoritative
art magazine published in the epicenter of the global art scene. To be a part of this special edition mosaic further inspires me to expand
my messenger role to create tacit compositions that motivate and excite the viewer’s senses using my signature multi-layering technique,
vibrant palette and vivid imagination.
Anthony Liggins
(photograph by:
I am very excited to see another way of presenting my artistic work in New York, by its publication in the magazine ARTisSpectrum. Hav-
ing a profile on the cover is interesting and fun, it reflects well my artistic activity with such a Cubist approach, presenting various angles
of experiments. This publication encourages me to explore more deeply my sensitivity in a different artistic medium.
Antoine Guiraud
C’est un grand honneur en tant qu’artiste Belge d’être sur la couverture de ARTiSpectrum, un bonheur immense que mon travail soit
diffusé à New-York Chelsea Manhattan. C’est un grand pas en avant pour ma carrière d’artiste peintre qui je l’espère se développera de
manière exponentielle. Après de longue années de travail dans l’ombre, je ne pouvais espérer mieux. Mes peintures, enfants de mon âme,
pourront ainsi être vues par le plus grand nombre. Un tout grand merci à toute l’équipe.
Ben Frochisse
It is exciting to be featured on the front cover of a magazine – my dreams becoming a reality! Since showing in New York my profile has
changed – just those three words have made people take another look; this has made me believe that my work will go global and devel-
oped my confidence. Whilst in New York I have met up with other international artists and the network has grown.
Biddy Hidgkinson
When I was first told that I would be on the cover of a magazine I was not sure what to think. I still am a bit taken back from the whole
idea of being on the cover of the ARTisSpectrum Magazine. What makes this opportunity so exciting for me is the fact that it is a New York
magazine. I have always believed since I’ve started my art career that New York was the place to be. I believe being on the cover of ARTis-
Spectrum Magazine will give me more recognition and help me achieve my goal of becoming a truly world renowned artist.
Bill Dixon
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