ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 96-97

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
In order to define ourselves as an ethical society, it is a
priority to choose a kinder treatment for our animals. At
the very least, they deserve our compassion and a place in
this world.
As for the trip, our original plan was to begin a trek over
12 days with the objective to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp.
Unfortunately, this was not possible, as on the morning of
our arrival in Kathmandu, we found that 19 people had
tragically died on a flight to Lukla, the place used as a
starting point. This tragedy, in addition to poor weather
conditions, meant we had to make some tough decisions
regarding alternative options. As a team, we decided to
redirect our objective to reach the Annapurna Base Camp
instead, which we did over a period of 12 days. On our
return, 3 of the 10 people, including myself, elected to
remain in Kathmandu, and to fly into Lukla via helicopter,
where we made a 9 day trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp.
Between the two treks, a distance of over 250 kilometers
was hiked, and while this experience was incredible, it was
far surpassed by the beauty of the people, their kindness
and the helping hand they held back to us to ensure that
our journey was one with memories to last a lifetime.
Kaycee Lynne
Pets: There are over 100 million pets in North America. Almost every family has one, every child wants one, and everybody
has experienced the love and loss of a pet.
It is important to me as a pet parent to value what pets and animals can bring to our lives.
I have spent several years contributing my service and talents with accredited organizations that specialize in the care
of rescue animals. In the beginning I gave countless hours sewing dog bandanas for fundraising, volunteering in local
shelters, singing at public awareness events, and later handling and fostering animals for relocation. During this time I
rescued a tiny teacup poodle weighing less than two pounds who had survived the loss of his owner and was found several
days later alive in their home after her death. My dear companion named “Little Lamie Boy” not only became an integral
part of my family but was the founding reason behind my product creations and my artistic inspiration for years to follow.
I was raised in farm country and in my youth compassion towards animals was not called “empathy training” – it was just
called common sense. Today, I am a published author and speaker participating in outreach programs. My art, music,
and books are used to motivate wellness and educate awareness towards the kinder treatment of our animal friends and
beloved pets.
I advocate compassion for all living things and as
a multi-media artist I believe in creating products
where my talents and skills can come together with
others to make a positive difference in the world.
I have learned that all animals have an amazing
ability to connect and communicate.
It is my artistic focus to reach beyond their animal
instinct and unveil their deeper animal emotions in
an entertaining style that children can comprehend.
It breaks my heart that there are still growing
numbers of unwanted, unloved, and uncared for
pets and animals. Just look at your local websites
and you will find thousands of dogs, cats, farm
animals and even dangerous unusual exotic species
and wildlife for sale.
Public awareness is now at the forefront of our media with growing global concern.
Although there is no single solution to the “confusion” surrounding the treatment of animals, education is critical to
ending animal suffering and to cultivating their peace and happiness. Whatever simple awareness my art and music can
provide in service of these beautiful creatures is worth the calling.
”It breaks my heart
that there are still
growing numbers of
unwanted, unloved,
and uncared pets and
n order to define
ethical society, it is a
priority to choose a
kinder treatment for
our animals.”
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