ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 92-93

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
Francisco Emiliano Karothy
is gifted at capturing the mood, atmosphere, and color that populates our
world. Whether one has visited the locations in his photographs or not, Karothy’s images evoke a sense of the exotic
and unexplored. His photographs offer surprises and details, rewarding viewers who, like itinerant travelers, take on further
exploration of his landscapes. Karothy achieves this compelling visual give-and-take through color, cropping, and deep
vertical or horizontal shadows at the edge of his compositions, anchoring his images and lending a sense of mystery to each
location. As Karothy says, “I like when people are affected by viewing one of my photographs. Every photograph I take seeks
to tell something and transport those who see it to that place.”
Occasionally, digital prints can appear too bright or too sharp. Karothy has struck a balance in his work between contrast and
brightness, focus and sharpness, so that his prints are fascinating studies of color and texture. They appear like a reflection
on the still surface of a lake, as something the viewer can easily step into, yet they are also warm, tactile images that impress
upon the viewer the memory of texture and atmosphere. There’s a sense of transience to Karothy’s photographs as well: at
any second the clouds will blow away, the sun will set, the scene will shift. Karothy is masterful at capturing moments which,
in the hands of a lesser photographer, would slide away like sand in a tightly clenched fist.
One of the winners selected in this year’s juried Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, Karothy studied for a year at
the Municipal Institute of Photographic Art and Audiovisual Techniques in Avellaneda, Argentina. The CIFA was his first art
Contrast Digital Print on Paper 24” x 16”
Black Stones Digital Print on Paper 16” x 24”
Francisco Emiliano Karothy
Clint Saunders
ithin the surreal, emotive black and white photographs of American artist
Clint Saunders
, recognizable subjects are transformed into otherworldly
images laden with meaning and cultural significance. Although born of the
photographic art, Saunders images have a painterly feel, as composition and
a careful rendering of light and shadow play such an important role. Each
photo montage is composed of layers of photographic images configured and
juxtaposed in unique ways to form a synchronous whole, resulting in photographs
crafted as much from the artist’s imagination as from the representational
elements they seek to capture.
While photography has traditionally been used for its mimetic nature, for
capturing and recording images of what already exists, Saunders envisions this
medium as so much more. By effectively arranging his photos in montage form,
he opens up a whole new world for the viewer to explore. As he explains, “As an
artist, I use a camera like a pencil to create new environments. Using my original
photographs as elements in a montage, I distort, manipulate, and reinterpret
shapes, colors, and light to open up new vistas.” Indeed, each image has a story to
tell, a narrative composed of symbol and deep meaning, and conveyed through
a masterful execution of line, form, and composition.
Saunders’ unique technique has birthed an entirely new art form that seeks to
discover and reveal new truths and explore new realms. Through this process
Saunders seeks to expand the world of the viewer, so that they are able to look
beyond ordinary objects and see all the possibilities this world has to offer.
Saunders’ work has recently been selected for the Chelsea International Fine
Art Competition. In addition, his photos have won numerous national and
international awards.
Photographic Print on Canvas 36” x 18”
Pandora’s Box Photographic Print on Canvas 44” x 34”
Clint at work. Photograph is by Beth Nordmark
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