ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 80-81

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
he large-scale, expressive paintings of
Sarah Otts
combine high concept with the artist’s day-to-day life
in her hometown of Mobile, Alabama. With loose, fluid
brushstrokes, the tension of negative space and silver or gold
foil, Otts’ work communicates the passion she has for her
work and her experiences as a wife and mother.
A graduate of the University of Mississippi’s Fine Arts program,
Otts approaches her paintings with an expressive sense of joy
and instinctive brushstrokes, balanced with conceptual ideas
that link her works into a series. “That is exactly how children
draw and paint, and their proud art is a truthful product of
who they are and how they feel,” Otts explains. The frenetic
energy of her work reflects Otts’ busy life balancing being a
wife, mother and full-time artist. A close survey of Otts’ work
will reveal the motif of a ball, which Otts says is “the ball that
I try not to drop.” At the same time, the light, joyous colors of
Otts’ pieces are inspired by the joy her daughter brings into
her life.
Space to Breathe II Oil & Ink on Canvas 36” x 36”
Sarah Otts
riven by a deep passion for drawing and oil-painting, Norwegian
Trygve Amundsen (TA)
refined his creative talents
through decades of graphic design work.
His hand drawings, oil paintings and computer art (Digigraphics)
possess a personalized signature. Whether depicting real life, nature
or subjects in semi abstract, each image seeks truth, exclaiming a
poignant but subtle message. Primarily oil on canvas, Amundsen’s
works unite abstract with natural elements. His subjects are obliquely
familiar, touchstones that connect the viewer to the material world,
yet bordering on the surreal. In this, Amundsen achieves an enduring
permanence, creating works that are invariably timeless.
Both title and work create reason for pause and reflection. Points of
color stand in sharp relief amidst stark greys, drawing eye and mind
into contemplation. There is an undeniable depth to each piece, a
suggestion that commands attention, a narrative that the viewer is
charged to complete. Some works are sharply delineated in line and
form, others employ softer edges in congruence with their subject.
Each balances objectivity with personal impression, conveying
emotion with a unique skill and definitive purpose.
Strings Oil on Canvas 47” x 39.5”
TA (“Trygve Amundsen”)
merican artist
Allan Raider
creates vivid emotive paintings in
a variety of styles, from abstract to portraiture. With a marked
appreciation of color and careful attention to the principles of line
and form, Raider explores archetypes and themes that delve deep
into the heart of the human experience. Raider’s art in part has
been influenced by a background in the fashion industry and years
of studying piano (including at Julliard). His vast understanding of
the principles of clothing design can be seen in his strong sense
of texture, form, and abstract style, while his extensive musical
experience infuses a sense of movement and harmony into the
work. What results are paintings that are visually dynamic while
offering layers of meaning and insight to the viewer.
What makes Raider’s paintings so masterful lies in how he’s able to
combine his inner artistic vision with strong proficiency and skills.
Here, his remarkable compositions are infused with passion and
emotional intelligence to create something entirely new. As Raider
explains, “I paint from an inner compulsion. I depict a brilliantly
colored world in my paintings that defies perspective. Thus, my
paintings have an extraordinary versatility, resourcefulness, and
intuitive sensibility.”
Who’s Looking at Who Oil on Canvas 60” x 48”
Allan Raider
ose Antonio Serbia
’s vivid, ever-moving acrylic paintings elevate
the natural world to mythic proportions. Serbia paints so as to
capture energy and action. His portraits might lack a background
or even parts of his subjects’ bodies, but the figure’s attitude is
captured in pose and color. His scenes are not staged realistically,
but they center precisely on a pivotal action or look. His characters
may be embellished with surreal patternwork or ghostly symbols,
but their faces and emotions are always portrayed with haunting
detail and truth. Serbia moves seamlessly between high realism and
free abstraction.
Added up, the overall aesthetic of Serbia’s work reflects what the
artist himself has called his method of “painting for no reason other
than self-expression” without following any art-world rules. Though
his subject matter ranges widely from deconstructed human
figures to graffiti-like scrawled cartoons to animals, some pieces
do betray a political undercurrent, something Serbia himself says
was unintentional. Still, he suggests that these works can be called
“Protest Art,” in that they “protest ordinary existence.”
Serbia was born in Brooklyn and today lives in Salt Springs, Florida,
where he is a Disaster Assistance Reservist for FEMA.
Salamanca Del Fuego Acrylic on Canvas 20” x 16”
Jose Antonio Serbia
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