ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 76-77

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
merican artist
Jerry Anderson
creates mystical expressionist
paintings that are both rich in vibrant colors and bold
forms, and replete with meaning. The simplicity of line and form
contained within each piece belies the complexity and depth of
emotion with which each composition is rendered. A lifetime
of study (of everything from various religions and philosophies
to psychology, shamanism, dance, music, and architecture) has
informed Anderson’s work and helped to form the world-view
that emphasizes the strong connection and sense of oneness
that exist among all humans on this planet. Intrinsic to his art is a
deep respect for the Goddess in all of her forms, captured in the
predominance of sensuous line and form, and feminine imagery
within each piece.
Informed by dreams, feelings, sensations, movement, and life
experiences, Anderson’s paintings seek to capture all the mystery
and wonder there is to be discovered in our shared world. As
Anderson explains, “Art is an expression of my search to discover
and experience life fully . . . My wish is that my paintings will remind
the viewer of the wonder and oneness of all things.”
Shaman’s Tree Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 30”
Jerry Anderson Patricia Brintle
nspired by the pristine, tropical beauty of Haiti, self-
taught Haitian artist
Patricia Brintle
remains strongly
influenced by the tumult of Haiti’s past and by her own
personal tragedies and joys. Rich in symbolism, her
abstract and realistic works skillfully bridge the gap
between island Haitians the region’s diaspora. Her
art flows from heart to canvas, free of any school or
style, drawing on a rich pallette of brilliant colors to
reveal a studied complexity that may not be apparent
at first glance. Her chosen medium varies, driven by
the passion she feels for each subject. Some works
are smoothly serene; others evoke a vibrant energy
through articulate brushstrokes.
“Once signed, my artwork belongs to the world, and
each person takes a piece of it with them when they
set eyes on it,” says Brintle in describing thought-
provoking works. Each has an underlying narrative,
whether simple or heroic. She favors vibrant colors and
prefers acrylics to convey contemplative landscapes,
seascapes and native botanical pieces. Her portraits connect with the viewer in a deeply personal way, proclaiming
emotions through exaltations of life and hope that uplift the soul.
Madonna di Loreto Acrylic on Canvas 50” x 60”
hat I hope to achieve with my work,” says
Ines de Poligny
, “is to express nature’s
element, force and qualities, bringing my own
abstract vision of it.” Her paintings, with their fluid,
open-ended sense of movement and dynamic
color combinations, are vivid representations of the
power of the natural world. She invests her abstract
patterns with a feeling of physicality and presence,
letting the viewer experience the rhythms of nature
in a pure, distilled form. Mixing a rigorous, almost
geometrical sense of composition with splashes and
broad swaths of paint that animate her images, the
artist creates what she calls “dualities with the instinct
of confrontation.” Those dualities set off sparks that
make each of her works dramatic and compelling,
yet also tantalizingly subtle and mysterious.
Working in media ranging from oils and acrylics to
digital photography, the artist uses color expertly to bring out the contrasts that define her images. Bright colors bump
up against blacks, whites and earth tones, creating a visual counterpoint that reflects the power of her compositions. The
resulting works combine a vital, centered energy with a spacious openness. The artist notes that her work strives to capture
the “strength and vastness” of her native Argentina, and her images perfectly capture those qualities.
Splash Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 47” x 63”
Ines De Poligny
en Frochisse
calls his work “an internal combat,” and that sense
of intensity is at the heart of his boldly conceived images. In
his paintings, physicality plays off against a free sense of fantasy
to create works in which echoes of Surrealism are brought into a
totally modern world. Working in oil on canvas, he uses his skill as
a draughtsman to create vividly lifelike people and objects that are
then placed into intriguingly symbolic arrangements. “Figuration,”
the artist says, “allows me total freedom and seems infinite.” Letting
go of traditional notions of gravity and scale, the artist lets a
dreamlike aura take hold of the viewer. Despite that air of fantasy,
there is a definite logic to his paintings—it is just not the logic of our
day-to-day existence.
Frochisse’s color sense and ability to recreate the effects of light
also contribute to the effect of his work. Whether it is in the subtle
gradations of shades in a cloud-filled sky, or the bold blocks of color
in an abstract background, he uses color and light to create a world
that feels fully present and three-dimensional, as well as highly
personal. “It’s my life which I reveal symbolically in my paintings,” he
says, “and each life is unique.”
Ben Frochisse
La Mort, Porte De La Vie Oil on Canvas 31.5” x 24”
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