ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 68-69

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
Having the opportunity to exhibit my art at Agora Gallery in New York and being part of the 30th Anniversary issue of ARTisSpectrum
Magazine, has opened several new opportunities for me. Being included on the front cover is very exciting, and a definite boost to my self-
confidence as an artist. Being exhibited with so many fine artists has inspired me to continue to improve my techniques, and to experiment
with new ideas and mediums.
Marianne Eichenbaum
I believe I am at a step in my career as an artist which is very important. Now I’m about to have my exhibition in New York. Agora Gallery
has given me a different perspective to my future as an artist and I am very happy and satisfied with what I have achieved until now, and
the professionalism and support of the entire staff of the Gallery. Now with the Gods help I hope to raise more steps to success.
Mario Agredano
For me to be chosen with my dear colleges to be on the cover of the 30th ARTisSpectrum magazine makes me feel like family. Just, home!
I’m happy and felt the warm welcome from the first contact with Agora Gallery. I trust fully the many capable hands and hearts with strong
compassion for art.
Mario Schaeffer
As an artist and writer, it has always been a dream of mine to have my work published and featured in a high-end art magazine. Fortunately
enough, I was blessed by being given the experience and opportunity to do so in affiliation with the Agora Gallery and ArtisSpectrum
Magazine. I am influenced by the art world, so much so, that being included on the cover of ARTisSpectrum magazine will allow my work
to gain much more exposure universally, while also giving me the confidence and motivation to continue reaching for my goals, and follow
my dreams.
Marissa Mule
(photograph by: Mazza Photography)
I am very happy to have a representation on the cover of ARTisSpectrum, the magazine of famous Agora Gallery in New York City! This
gives me an impulse to go on with creating images in my new matter of working with chemical reactions. It is wonderful for me to have
not only success in Europe, but now also in this grandiose City.
Marliese Wagner
I was inspired to be a part of The 30th Anniversary of ARTisSpectrum and most pleased to see my work featured in this magazine. This
enables me to have my works seen by admirers of fine art.
Maya Vinokurov
There are no frontiers in art. We all share the same language that we understand and feel. It is a great honour to be able to reach so many
people through this magazine on such a special occasion as this. This magazine gives us the chance to get to know the work of other art-
ists from all over the world and thus broaden our artistic horizons. It is exciting to be a part of this magazine, which I consider to be one
of the most prestigious. Indeed, New York is one of the places where art is valued in an unbiased way, and it represents a reference for all
artists wanting to offer their art work to the world.
Mercedes Sola
Showing my ceramic sculptures in Chelsea, New York and in ARTisSpectrum Magazine gives me reason to only produce the finest, high-
est quality work I can achieve. Thank you for including my work; in response, I will continue to strive for perfection to show my gratitude.
Mikey McGhee
I am very filled with emotion and most honoured to be present on the cover of the ARTisSpectrum magazine! Thanks to Agora Gallery, a
veil has been lifted. To see my work displayed in New York, the capital town of the art world, encourages me to create and to renew myself
again and always.
Micheline Belin
I’m joyous that I am at the right place at the right time by being given this great opportunity of being featured on the cover of ARTis-
Spectrum! This gift from the universe will give me the impetus to work harder to reach places in my art career that I never imagined
Mina Novian
Being on the cover of ARTisSpectrum Magazine gets my name and work out there! I am very excited to be a part of high profile exposure
bringing people closer to my sculptures and paintings. From a little town near the Arctic Circle in Canada, I thank you, Agora Gallery, for
this fabulous opportunity!
Monique Robert
I’m thrilled to be included on the cover of ARTisSpectrum. Being represented by Agora Gallery and featured in this magazine, validates not
only my work, but the medium of photography as ne art, to be included with painting and sculpture. I’m inspired to grab my camera and
take my photography to places I haven’t yet imagined.
Nadine Levin
ARTisSpectrum is a magazine that makes it possible for art lovers around the world to discover the array of artists that Agora Gallery
acknowledges. I am delighted but most of all very proud to be part of this 30th anniversary edition of the ARTisSpectrum. The magazine
allowed me to share, through my art, my inner thoughts and it exhibited my soul. This special event will give me the inspiration for much
more new creations.
Nancy Stella Galianos
What is art for me? Passion, obsession, or even addiction. I am an ‘artaholic.’ Insatiable desire to create beauty, to further perfect it, and to
achieve unachievable – a perfect painting that doesn’t require further improvements. Being included in the ARTisSpectrum Magazine is a
sign of recognition and appreciation of my art. This is a more powerful inspiration than anything else. Thank you, Agora’s team.
Working with everyone through Agora Gallery has helped me to understand that what an artist wants his/her audience to perceive, is
extremely important. The delivery of the “message” sometimes requires actual conversation, which always makes for a good time.
I am inspired to be in the cover of ARTisSpectrum with other artists for the opportunity to engage and connect to a New York audience
that I hope to move and inspire with the art I make. To me the meaning of New York is not only inspiration but a challenge to be original
and honest in the work I make and to have the courage and insight to say and look at the world around me in a personal way.
Fernández Márquez
To have been selected to appear on the cover of ArtisSpectrum’s 30th Anniversary issue is a great honor and privilege. Like so many artists,
I work hard at my craft; improving and perfecting my style, always aiming at becoming a better artist while still being open to inspiration.
Appearing in this issue is an affirmation of all that work and gives me encouragement to continue those endeavors. I offer congratulations
to the other fine artists featured in this issue.
Patricia Brintle
The ARTisSpectrum magazine is a first-class publication which promotes artists and their works and provides valuable information regard-
ing the profession and the artistic experience. Agora, their magazine and the overall experience of New York have vitally impacted and
inspired my artistic output.
Patricia Neden
Aujourd’hui je suis heureux d’être représenté par une des plus prestigieuses galeries de New York. Et je suis encore plus fier d’apparaitre
sur la couverture d’ARTisSpectrum à l’occasion du 30ème anniversaire. La rigueur et la précision de cette équipe vous apporte une solide
expertise et vous invite à donner le meilleur. Pour ma part, c’est avec passion et enthousiasme que nous engageons cette collaboration.
Patrick Montagnac
I am thrilled to be on the cover of ArtisSpectrum and have my artwork included in such a delightful assembly of art and artists. It is em-
powering to have the opportunity to share my work with such an all-encompassing and sophisticated audience. My creativity has been
invigorated and I look forward to art, art, and more art! Thank you to Agora Gallery, Director DiBello, and her wonderful staff! Art Vive!!!
Paul Hartel
I am inspired to be included in an artistic collective. Being in the 30th anniversary issue of ARTisSpectrum and being featured on the cover
is a great honour. I am inspired that many people will be introduced to and exposed to my art and to a new field of artistic electronics that
has such depth and diversity. Agora, through ARTisSpectrum, has the confidence to expose new styles of art. The Agora team gives me
the space to be creative and the confidence to see new directions for my career because of their experience in guiding you and handling
the technical matters.
Peter Watson
The world inspires my art and I would like to inspire the people in the world with my art. To make an exhibition in NY as the capital of the
art world and to be on the cover of an international art Magazine makes me proud and brings me next to my goals. (To say it with a song
of Frank Sinatra: If I can make it there, I’m gonna make it everywhere...)
Petra Aichholz
Me on the cover of ARTisSpectrum! Unbelievable and a bit scary at the same time. To be exposed in public like this is so different from
what I am used to. I hope New York will love my paintings. I love to be back and I look forward to this inspiring journey.
Reija Karjalainen
Being part of Agora Gallery’s Anniversary issue is such a delight. To be featured on a cover of a well respected publication and exhibiting
within a city such as New York is a dream come true. Because of this great achievement, it will certainly propel myself within in the art world,
allowing me to make my local and international presence heard in a louder voice. I am now inspired to push the boundaries and go beyond
the surface of my artistic expression, giving me more confidence to reach artistic heights
Marcus Viljoen
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