ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 64-65

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ith dynamic brushwork and fantastically vivid colors,
Fabrizio Valle
reinvents the landscape in his abstract paintings. Valle’ works in
oil, acrylic, and mixed media to achieve a signature style in which layers
of long, luxurious brushstrokes build up an image. The paint is applied
carefully in brilliant patterns, yet the lines retain energy and movement.
The images that emerge are clearly inspired by organic forms – a
riverbank, a flourishing tree, or the night sky with stars streaking across
it. But Valle’ flattens his scenes and exchanges naturalistic detail for a
wider emotional range created by jolting color contrasts and thoughtful
stylization. The result is something mythical and wildly exciting.
Valle’ was born in Italy and today lives in Amsterdam. He is a self-taught
Fabrizio Valle’
icheline Belin
’s imaginative acrylic landscapes manage to stay
constantly surprising while retaining a strain of realism that makes
her paintings instantly relatable. Belin paints some of the world’s most
recognizable terrains: Provence, with a nod to Cézanne; Venice, with a
hint of Canaletto; and countless summer countrysides à la Renoir.
Belin’s personal spin is her ability to find dynamic movement within even
the quietest of still afternoons. Her scenes contain no people, but the
brushstrokes themselves streak across each work to create energy and a
sense of place. Blues and yellows course down a grassy hill, suggesting
hot air and a beating sun. Short strokes pile upon one another to create
ocean waves. Belin combines the abstract with moments of skillful
realism for the final image.
Belin was born in Dijon, France and today lives in Grenoble.
Volcan en Colère
Acrylic on Canvas 21.5” x 18”
Micheline Belin
Watercolor on Board 39” x 27.5”
Bill Dixon
he unique digital paintings of American artist
Bill Dixon
create a visual spectacle, while conveying a strong expressionistic
feel. Combining vivid bold colors with geometric forms on canvas and fine art paper, Dixon takes familiar landscapes
and forms to new levels of emotive expression, whether they remain figurative or are transformed into the abstract. A
hallmark of Dixon’s work lies in his use of color and how he combines his palette masterfully to draw out lights and shadows.
Compositions are dynamic and full of movement yet simultaneously balanced, with a strong emphasis on line and geometric
shapes. What results are compelling works that invite the viewer to see the visual world in an entirely new way.
Dixon has spent his career perfecting a unique technique, whereby he first draws freehand in a digital world and then
uses a giclee process to print his original drawings. This gives the paintings a futuristic feel. Yet at the same time, there is a
dreamy element contained within the work that reminds of both the visceral and spiritual sense of being that every human
experiences at one time or another.
Above all, Dixon strives to reach his viewers by creating expansive works of art with layers of meaning that seem to unfold
the deeper and longer the viewer looks. Abstract components invite a real sense of freedom, so that the images can be
experienced at the most personal of levels. As Dixon explains, his goal with his work is “to create something that can make
you want to keep looking and wanting more.”
Bill Dixon currently lives and works in Lake Elsinore, California. He has won numerous awards and recognition around the
Square One Digital Hand Made Painting on Canvas 22” x 32”
Bill in his Studio
Sphere Digital Hand Made Painting on Canvas 22” x 32”
luid, exhilarating, and mysterious,
Taitmès Soinoff
’s paintings are
an expressive mix of influences and iconography. Soinoff eschews
formal space for a collage-like composition of people, objects, and
graphic touches that simply orbit one another, filling the canvas
and creating a vibrant visual quilt. Each work contains a basis of
one or more recognizable or archetypal images, such as a skull, a
flower, or an art historically famous face, like Andy Warhol, Jean-
Michel Basquiat or the Mona Lisa. The composition then takes off
with spirited brushstrokes and companion images that flesh out an
atmosphere: the feelings and unbidden associations that turn the act
of seeing into a true experience.
Soinoff was born in Brest, France and currently lives in Montpellier.
She works in a combination of acrylic and pastel.
Detresse Acrylic 37” x 32.7”
Taitmès Soinoff
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