ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 58-59

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
Something about it touched me in a profound and beautiful way / It reminded me of the many summers I spent with
my family visiting the beach / I felt that it was calling me in a way / We had to have it / It helped me to understand
what sacrifice really means / My decision to purchase the painting had something to do with the death of my mother
/ It enchanted me from the very first time I saw it.
Why are we are drawn toward one piece of art and not another? It is as though the art work, be it a painting, a pho-
tograph or a sculpture, is at the moment of connecting with it, recognized as a missing part of you. A part that carries
a profound desire, a void which can only be filled, like Klimt’s embrace in ‘The Lovers’, through the acquisition of an
unforgettable, must have, work of art!
by Mike Elliott
in the collection of
Bertrand Groulx, Calgary, Canada
When I first saw this painting it emoted a sense of calm that made me pause. The blend of colors, texture and transitions pro-
duce what seems like a glow coming from the painting. I was delighted when I learned it was appropriately entitled “Inhale.”
I initially saw the painting online, but also know the artist personally. I then learned of Agora Gallery when I attended the
artist’s opening reception for his exhibition while on a short getaway to New York.
When deciding to purchase this painting, I had some candidate locations for it in mind, but waited until it arrived to ul-
timately decide where to place it.
Inhale resonates with me more and more each day. With all the activity and sounds generated by our two young daugh-
ters, the painting serves as a reminder to stop and “inhale” all the wonderful moments that come with being a parent.
It hangs in a central location in the brightest room in our home. This is the hub of many activities, located between our
kitchen and our well-used garden patio.
Art Matters - why we collect art
by Angela Di Bello
Grace IV
by John Wolter
in the collection of
Yuri and Lesia, Ontario, Canada
purchased by
Patricia Brown
I learned about Grace IV while I was researching bronze sculptures as a gift for my sister and brother in-law’s 40th wedding
anniversary. I came across the ARTmine website, and was very impressed with the number of pieces available in different
styles, materials and price points.
I had a specific pedestal stand in mind, which is located in their dining room, therefore the size was very important in my
decision, as were color and price. The piece needed to be formal and elegant as well in order to fit in with the décor.
I was not familiar with the artist before purchasing the piece, but while looking at the ARTmine website, I continued to be
intrigued by John Wolter’s work. Initially, I was attracted to the elegance and gracefulness of this piece in particular – it was
beautifully fluid.  The materials used were also intriguing and further influenced the decision.
Grace IV still resonates very much with me today. It is an exquisite piece with delicate form and beauty. At times I wish I
had kept it for myself!
I am very pleased with the purchase and know my sister and brother-in-law were thrilled with the piece as well. The Agora
Gallery team was wonderful to work with and made the whole experience pain free!
Inhale Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 40”
Grace IV Blackened Steel & Copper 17” x 8.5” x 8.5”
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