ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 54-55

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
he watercolor and oil paintings of Russian artist
Valeriy Zharkikh
are inspired by a lifelong career in
medicine and the strong passion for healing his patients
that has defined his life’s work. Zharkikh’s first painting
was actually executed specifically for a struggling
patient, where he found that the intense color and light
contained within the image had a beneficial effect on
that patient’s condition. The body of work that has
resulted from this continues to have a wonderful healing
effect on viewers, featuring colors that are soothing and
compositions that contain a calming and simultaneously
expansive energy.
Zharkikh offers a unique artistic style that is able to take
the viewer to new realms of perception and inspiration.
Each piece is composed of unique combinations of
complex colors and strong emanating light that shift
and transmute as the painting is seen from different
angles. Forms are elusive and dynamic, contributing
to the overall sense of movement and flow that comes
to dominate each piece. A hallmark of Zharkikh’s work
lies in his use of color, a spectrum of light-infused hues
that are blended and intermingled across the canvas in
unexpected ways. What results are spiritual landscapes
that capture the mysticism, romanticism, and great
truths that form the basis of all of human existence.
Above all, Valeriy Zharkikh’s paintings are instinctive
rather than bound by traditional art canons, and are
intended to serve as a healing balm to the viewer. As he
explains, “With my hand controls my heart... and I bring
a spirituality into the paintings. The most gratifying
thing for me as an artist is to see the reflection of light
coming from my paintings in the eyes of a man, giving
him joy and strength of spirit.”
Valeriy Zharkikh
Inspiration Oil on Board 16” x 24”
Flying Oil on Canvas 16” x 24”
Philosophy Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”
nfluenced by a pilot’s visions of Earth and the rich colors of Causse in south central France, artist
Patrick Montagnac
currently resides and works in the south of France near Avignon. His innovative abstracts draw the eye to thick reliefs,
fluid colors and engaging juxtaposing hues. In some works, brushstrokes exceed the delineation of expected paths to form
fine lines and bypass reliefs that vanish mysteriously. His free technique compels viewers to spaces unknown, tethered only
by one’s imagination. Each relief is purposeful, enacting support points “as a man upright, anchored and facing his future,”
explains Montagnac, adding, “my fluid wrap conveys the unexpected, the indomitable, life and destiny.” His compositions
guide, structure and uncover messages that are at once subliminal and tactile, evoking kindness and optimism, strength
and stability. Bold colors often stand in stark contrast to dark backgrounds, their movement and confines adding emotional
undercurrents that provoke the intellect and arrest attention.
Montagnac prefers to investigate new worlds on canvas. In so doing, he offers escapism in three-dimensional constructs
that seem organic, a mix of tonal forms and shadings that adroitly engage mind and soul. He uses rich reds, magentas,
soft pinks and reflective blacks and grays to summarize
various man-Earth narratives. Through definitive
constructs of form and a visceral display of contrasting
pigments, Montagnac has released himself from his early
figurative works. Now committed to abstracts, he has
found his métier of choice, working in ethereal spaces,
free to explore conceptually challenging subjects. His
use of greys and nightshades is intuitive, suggesting a
tendency to reinforce his expressions through “Modern
Black.” In contrast, one can see that pure colors, set apart
in varying thicknesses, fascinate the artist and bring the
subject to life.
Many works exude a certain biologic nuance, an
amorphous cellular nature that bring the subject to life.
Patrick Montagnac
Victory 3D Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24”
Escaped 3D Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24”
Patrick in his Studio
“With my hand controls my
heart.. . and I bring a spirituality
into the paintings. The most
gratifying thing for me as an
artist is to see the reflection of
light coming from my paintings
in the eyes of a man, giving him
joy and strength of spirit.”
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