ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 52-53

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
“I do not literally paint that table, but
the emotion it produces upon me.”
Henri Matisse
Caroline Josephs Ph.D. Dancing with Matisse-Chagall, Villa le Reve 2013 Gouache, Collage, Mixed Media; 2’4” X 2’4”
he abstract expressionist paintings of Australian
Caroline Josephs PhD
center around the
principle of story and the many layers of meaning
contained within the narratives of any human
culture. Josephs’ latest work explores the history of
Manhattan in NY, although the meanings conveyed
can be transferred to any major urban center. With a
compelling use of color and her lyrical compositions,
Josephs relays the often tumultuous and always
powerful stories of immigration, displacement,
slavery and implicit promise of a new life. To
Josephs, there is great power in such storytellings,
as they awaken the consciousness of the viewer, and
in this awakening evoke more from the paintings
Within each painting, Josephs places a strong emphasis on line and form to bring to life her compelling characters.
Subjects are sometimes figurative and other times rendered via more abstract forms that add an element of mystery
and otherworldliness to the overall effect. Likewise, there is an implicit element of instinct and intuition contained within
Josephs’ work. As she explains, “My method has always been to allow emergence . . . to work into an unknown and watch
carefully what appears and work with that, find the form.”
Exile Seeking Refuge Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 78”
Caroline Josephs
former English teacher,
Brenda Ness-Cooper
began painting after her retirement in 2007. She
took classes at the Art Lab in Snug Harbor in Staten
Island, but it wasn’t until she met a watercolorist in
a tour group that her fascination with travelogue
watercolors began.
Since then, Ness-Cooper has developed a unique
technique that begins with a photograph of a
particular location. She then takes the subject of
the photograph and paints it on 9” x 12” watercolor
paper, sometimes several times, until she is satisfied
with the result. Only then does she create the final
work on Aquabord, a watercolor art board with the
texture of paper that produces vibrant colors and can
be sealed so that the paintings are displayed without
glass. So far, Ness-Cooper’s watercolor landscapes
have captured scenes from travels both near and far,
from New York State to the island of Santorini, Italian cities such as Venice, the Sydney Opera House, Santa Fe, Paris, China
and Japan.
Brenda Ness-Cooper says the goal of her work is to inspire viewers with the excitement of her travels and the beauty of
the places she visits, hopefully stirring in them a desire to explore unfamiliar places themselves.
Santorini Terrace Watercolor on Board 14” x 18”
Brenda Ness-Cooper
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