ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 40-41

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
My husband and I bought this house 3 years ago and the space is dated to the 70’s. We talk about updating it, but that
would mean painting would stop for a time so it’s not happened.
There is a steady rotation of work happening, usually four-five pieces are underway. Being able to use different color
schemes and experience various feelings in each piece keeps me motivated in a steady flow of production.
Some days all I do is paint and draw, some days all I do is business and other days it’s a mix of both.
There are two other studios; one is where I ramble through the northern desert of British Columbia’s interior. In sagebrush
and chaparral, and at the higher elevations of forests and lakes, walking and sensing the wildness of it provides insight and
perspective on the business side of art. The other studio is in my soul, the creative source where ideas arrive from those
nebulous places that all artists have access to. It takes three studio spaces to enable creativity, exploration, reflection and
When I work, the physical studio ‘dissolves away’ and the hours move by swiftly. It seems to have energy left in it from
the session before. I like that the creative space is part of my home because it’s easy to get to, like a thought - I’m there.
Mairi Sketching on her deck
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