ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 36-37

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
self-taught artist,
Mario Agredano
’s richly hued narrative paintings
are inspired by his stirring passion for ancient history and literature,
Roman culture and its many exquisite texts in particular. Painting in
acrylic on wood or canvas, the artist scours the imagery of historical
tomes and draws from his extensive travels throughout Europe to create
his compelling vignettes. Delving deep into the past with passion and
vigor, Agredano’s paintings meld a number of classical styles and quote
treasured canonical works whilst maintaining the artist’s contemporary
signature. From French Neo-classism to Flemish Baroque, allusions to
great masters Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Jacques-Louis David, Caravaggio,
Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci flux visually within Agredano’s
powerful compositions.
Born in Mexico City, Mario Agredano has painted and exhibited
professionally in Italy, the United States and Mexico since 2011.
The Battle of Anghiari
Acrylic & Ink on Paper 16.5” x 14”
Mario Agredano
Korean artist Hoyun Lee creates dreamy expressionistic oil on canvas paintings that explore the intersections between the
sacred and everyday life in our modern world. Combining gentle colors with pleasing geometrical forms, Lee captures
moments of the sacred, whether in the Biblical past or in our present moment in time. Central to Lee’s compositions
is a strong sense of pattern, which lends a synchronous and harmonic energy to the overall effect. Hues are soothing
and blended together to create an otherworldly feel within the image. Figurative subjects are cast alongside abstract
renderings, with words and symbols rounding out the collage-like execution.
Lee has long had a close relationship with God that stems from the miracle of his premature birth at 1.7 kilograms (with 10
percent chance of living) and subsequent fight for survival, both for 3 months in the incubator and in the many years that
followed. This experience came to define his life’s meaning,
which is why he uses art as a way to tell the world of God’s
glory. Lee explains the relationship between the sacred and
his art as such: “Based on the interaction between God and
myself, I freely express time and space, and put both dreams
and reality into one space, framed by a canvas. I strongly
believe that the one and only color that gives life and art
meaning is love and that it sublimates life itself into love.”
Through his exquisite use of color and form, Lee is able to
infuse the joys, hopes, and peace of life onto the canvas for
the viewer to experience and remember why we are truly
Hoyun Lee currently lives in Manhattan and works with the
Arts Students League of New York.
Hoyun Lee
Pilate’s Shame Oil on Canvas 30” x 48”
The Last Supper Oil on Canvas 48” x 60”
Hoyun Lee in his studio
The 2014 Chelsea International
Fine Art Competition
Agora Gallery’s 29th Annual Juried Competition
February 11
- Competition Opens
March 18
- Submission deadline
April 9
- Results will be announced
530 West 25th Street, New York 10001
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