ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 32-33

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
Ghosts of War
Spotlight on Shifra
By Angela Di Bello
Ghosts of War 12 Photographic Print 16.5” x 12” Limited edition of 20
n his abstract, mixed media on canvas images, American artist
Charles Conrardy
blends principles of color, design, line,
and texture to create expressive works of art. In each painting, he strives to make the most of these four elements by taking
a color or texture, for instance, and seamlessly weaving it into the larger compositional design. Individual brushstrokes
contribute to the overall effect, with thickly laid paint creating a sense of depth and limitlessness within the confines of the
canvas. Conrardy is masterful at creating harmony and symmetry throughout each painting while infusing visual interest by
incorporating a variety of mediums into the piece. Media used in his artwork includes acrylic, oil, pastel, watercolor, pen and
ink, serigraphy, collage, Conte crayon, lacquers, stains, dyes, and many other materials.
Although Conrardy is inspired by many different people, places, and things, he seeks to remove any trace of realism or
Impressionism in his work. Rather, Conrardy strives to capture a purity of form and composition in his paintings, to uncover
the endless visual details in the physical world that modern humans are so wont to overlook or to miss altogether. Each piece
is meant to be creative and unique, giving the viewer a glimpse at things unseen.
For Conrardy, art is a way of life, not merely a vocation. His process of creating art is purely instinctual, where sometimes he
directs the media and other times it is the media that leads. Through his art, his greatest hope is that he inspires the viewer
to look closer at their world and see all the colors and textures contained within. As Conrardy explains, “I want the viewer to
see what has never been seen before.”
Charles Conrardy currently lives and works in Prescott, Arizona.
Three White Squares Mixed Media on Canvas 48” x 36”
Charles Conrardy
Neon Night Mixed Media on Canvas 48 x 36
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