ARTisSpectrum Vol.30, November 2013 - page 28-29

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
ARTisSpectrum | Volume 30 |
Having had the wonderful opportunity of working and co-operating with the team at Agora Gallery, I can say has opened up many
new possibilities , and given me new perceptions. For the New York artist, the atmoshere is just unbelievable and unique. It has been an
inspiration for me, so much feedback, interest and response, I benefited greatly from it.
Gerd Rautert
I feel very honoured to be chosen for the cover of ARTisSpectrum! As an artist, nothing gives me more pleasure than to be able to share
my paintings with other people, not to mention being in a gallery on the capital of all cities! This event will give my art the opportunity
to be known by strangers and it makes me feel more confident than ever, encouraging me more and more to improve and ameliorate my
Graciela Montich
ARTisSpectrum is my “ticket” to the “arts olympics” ; being on its front cover presents me with huge challange and great opportunity to
improve and expand my capabilities as an artist. Seeing my work displayed at such an internationally renowned gallery, located in the
throbbing heart of the art world, NYC, is a powerful dose of confidence, self esteem, and encouragement to me. It provides me with the
support needed to expose my future work on both regional and international levels.
Haitham Jabbar
Just the thought of seeing myself on the cover of this magazine - it makes my heart flutter with happiness. It also gives me a strong sense
of responsibility. It’s like ARTisSpectrum is suggesting me to have even more my passion in this time of creation of my work. It might be a
wonderful memory in my artistic journey.
Heebeom Park
Thanks to the magazine ARTisSpectrum, I am very excited to meet the people who love arts throughout the world without boundaries. It
is very unique and special experience to my career and also a big challenge. I really hope people get delighted and inspired by my works
in this magazine. I would like to thank you for giving me this great chance.
Hoyun Lee
Agora Gallery´s team has a warm full, challenging, persevering treatment. As one of their artists, I feel, in their kindness and professional-
ism, a perfect, cozy, peaceful, environment to create.
Ines De Poligny
All of us on cover of ARTisSpectrum magazine, I believe, are excited to be together on some page like we where excited to be part of Art
show in Agora Gallery. I am really extremely honored to be on cover of magazine at such special occasion as part of celebration of the
Gallery who gave me, and I believe to other artists also, an open door to New York art scene.
Ivan A. Tomicic
I am a New Yorker in body, mind, and spirit. I feel that the city is the epicenter for art. To be part of the art scene in the heart of Manhattan
in Chelsea at Agora Gallery is a fulfilling experience. This has given me the motivation to create more work. Seeing my work displayed in
the Agora Gallery is both inspirational and motivational.
James Beleña-Condé
When I was contacted by the Director of the Agora Gallery, Angela Di Bello, who asked if I would be interested in submitting a portfolio
of paintings to be reviewed for possible show, I became quite excited at the prospect of showing my work there. I am really thrilled that
the Agora Gallery has accepted a number of my landscape views this fall, consider it a great honor, and look forward to the opening in
James Chisholm
Having my art shown at Agora Gallery is a reminder to me of how far I have grown as an artist and motivation to continue to find innova-
tive ways to create fresh art. Being a part of a gallery with talented artists from diverse backgrounds is inspiring. It is an honor to be a part
of this creative collage.
Jane Coco Cowles
My work belongs in New York City, and thanks to Agora Gallery and the exposure in ARTisSpectrum, my work is being seen by many whom
are both making a difference in my career and whom I hope to touch. I am grateful for all that the staff at Agora Gallery has done for me:
for their believing in my work, and their dedicated promotional team.
Jane Margarigal
Having my art displayed at Agora Gallery in New York City’s Chelsea district has provided a huge boost to my career. This is the center of
the contemporary art world and now even my most appreciative patrons view my work with more respect! Being included on the cover of
ARTisSpectrum magazine is “the icing on the cake”. This fresh recognition of my work and increased acknowledgement of me as an artist
has encouraged me in many ways. I now find myself looking even more deeply into those spaces where art lives within me and allowing it
to express itself freely.
Jerry Anderson
New York is an amazing place to be an artist. It is a thrill to be featured in ArtisSpectrum and to be able to show work in the Agora Gallery.
My involvement with Agora has served as a great inspiration to grow as an artist. In the last year I have seen my level of artistic creativity
develop beyond my wildest expectations!
Jose Antonio Serbia
I am really happy to see my photograph on the cover of ArtisSpectrum Magazine! It is very inspiring and challenging at the same time,
New York is the capital of the Art World and being able to display my artwork here is a dream come true! There’s never been a better time
and place to create art than here and now.
Juan Fernando Silva
I’m very exited in been a part of this beautiful magazine full of incredible artist and amazing art work, ARTisSpectrum is a great opportunity
to share my art, with art lovers. Since I’ve been represented by Agora Gallery my art has been progressing, I feel the need to be better, as
an international and sophisticated audience is looking.
Juan G. Restrepo Sanz
Being a part of the Agora Gallery Family, showing my work in their Gallery in New York has been a dream I have had since I was a young
girl. But now, seeing myself on the cover of ARTisSpectrum magazine has made the desire to push myself farther than just the dream. I
have become more critical of my work, which only makes my shots better, and I see the evolution of my art growing and the passion to get
my art and name out into the world of Art lovers everywhere! Dreams really do come true!
Kat Dennis
New York has always been center stage to the language of visual arts and it has earned my complete gratitude and respect by defining
new standards that acknowledge social content and complexity in a world of multi-media. ArtisSpectrum is an important opportunity to
participate in the New York art market. It restores my sense of spirit and purpose in creating art, inspires my path with persistence, and
encourages me to cultivate my artistic dreams into marketable realities.
Kaycee Lynne
It is a few which I can say. Work is pleasant. An exhibition is pleasant. It is right. Soft and warm... I am feeling the pleasure of creation. Thanks
Kenji Inoue
It is every artists’ choice: to treat your art as hobby, and keep your wonderful artwork in the corner of studio hidden from the world, or
treat your art as carrier by showing your art in exhibitions - and having articles in ARTisSpectrum Magazine. Now for us artists came
another Golden Opportunity, to be on the cover of ARTisSpectrum Magazine Special Edition and have chance to talk about their philoso-
phies. What can be better than this opportunity? I feel very lucky to participate.
Kristina Garon
It’s a great honor to see my face on the cover of ARTisSpectrum magazine! For my artwork, I think that it’s just the beginning of a new and
great adventure, because I know that Agora Gallery will be a very strong emotional and technical booster for me, and that’s what I need.
I’m so excited -and like my hero Bruce Springsteen says,”Can you feel the spirit...” I’m ready.
Laurent Bardou
My relationship with Agora Gallery has placed my work in front of a much wider, more informed and perhaps more critical audience than
ever before. As a result, I would say that my painting has definitely been influenced by these experiences, and so I very much look forward
to further opportunities and exposure with the Gallery, as this will continue to challenge my work and fuel my fire.
Lucy O’Donovan
The Agora Gallery Art Show is my second international show. It is an honor for me to be part of the gallery’s event and an even more excit-
ing honor to be featured in an article and on the front page of the well-know ARTisSpectrum Magazine. Any artist dreams of being able to
show their work in New York – a true adventure in art. Additionally, it is an honor to be featured in ARTisSpectrum Magazine where artists
and their works are truly valued.
Marcel Neuenschwander
At last I’m a cover girl. To be a representative of Agora Gallery and be included in the magazine is both an honor and a responsibility to
keep working, and searching for the truth in art.
Marcia Haufrecht
What a magnificent and creative way to feature the artists who chose to participate in this issue. We’ve all worked so long and so hard at
our respective crafts. We’ve all longed for this kind of exposure. I can’t wait to see this edition. I am no longer hoping for artistic recogni-
tion, I’m going after it. I am seeking it. Everything about this experience with Agora and ARTisSpectrum magazine has been simply wonder-
ful. Thanks to all of you for caring so much about all of us, the artists.
George Ligon
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