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he figurative oil on canvas paintings of French artist
combine a range of artistic influences to create something
utterly new. FrédériqueK’s work has been influenced in part by Greek
sculpture and the particular ways these ancient artists had of looking at
the human body: “achieving perfect balance and serenity through a sincere
appreciation of the human form.” Although her figurative renderings are
set in modern contexts, there is still a careful attention to the basics of the
human form, to the innate symmetry and balance that underscore every
posture, every expression, every movement.
Other influences on FrédériqueK’s work include many elements that
characterized the Italian Renaissance period, including compositional
elements, the frankness of the colors, the brilliance of the paint, and the
thematic rendering of the female in a variety of contexts. She also finds
inspiration in Vermeer’s use of light, as well as in the work of the Post
Impressionists and the texture and depth they were able to infuse into
the canvas. Other instructive forces include the Abstract Expressionists
(particularly Rothko) and the Russian Constructivists (whose principles
dovetail with her own background in architecture).
To encounter a FrédériqueK painting is to be ushered into an entirely new
world in which forms are explored in new ways and every line and hue is
infused with emotive expression and meaning. Faces and bodies that reveal
a profound depth of thought and feeling are set against dreamy, sometimes
abstract backgrounds, adding an entire new level of complexity to the work.
Regardless of context, each female subject betrays a depth of emotion that
reminds us all of the truth of what it is to be human in this world.
Krzis-Lorent FrédériqueK currently lives and works in Loos, France, where she devotes her time to creating art. She draws on
her experience in teaching art and working as an art therapist.
Krzis-Lorent FrédériqueK
Gossip Oil on Canvas 59” x 59”
Miroir Oil on Canvas 36” x 29”
Krzis-Lorent FrédériqueK
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