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sing his keen eye and vivid imagination, French
Jean François Mercier
is able
to transform his low altitude aerial landscape shots
into unique and compelling abstract compositions
that are more painting than photograph. Focusing
on vertical perspectives of the natural environment,
Mercier captures all of the beauty and diversity of the
landscape, so that the elements of colors, lines, and
forms can be seen in the context of the terrain but
also as abstract elements standing on their own. What
results are dreamy, magical images, where much is left
to the viewer’s imagination.
What makes Mercier’s photographs so compelling
is the versatility of the images that can be perceived
within each composition. One can choose to marvel at
the aerial view of the landscape and majesty of all the
richness that nature has to offer, or to become lost in
the abstraction of the image, finding the magic in surreal, uninhibited forms without real-life concerns. Overall, Mercier
seeks to challenge his viewers’ perception of their natural world, to find an unsuspected realism in everyday forms. As he
explains, “I am putting to the test the imagination of humans.”
Arabesque Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper on Dibond 24” x 32”
Jean François Mercier
ussian artist
Elena Kozhevnikova
characterizes her rich and
abstract mixed media paintings as her innermost impulses
and ideas made manifest in paint, pastel and collage. “It’s not me
who creates, but my subconscious,” she explains. “The deepest
corners of my soul open and burst out onto the canvas, making me
experience the feelings and emotions that were caged deep inside.”
The resulting imagery, appropriately, is redolent with visual power
and energy, and the variation from one work to the next stuns the
observant viewer.
Equally adept at working with bold colors or grayscale palettes,
Kozhevnikova weaves intricate compositions based around
repeating patterns of abstract lines and shapes that at times evoke
Cubism and the built-up forms of Abstract Expressionism. In her
most boldly colorful paintings, Kozhevnikova’s visions seem to
literally explode onto the canvas, creating images evocative of
natural subjects stretching dynamically outward. Her comparatively
more muted monochrome paintings have a practically analytical
quality, as though she is attempting to isolate some purified and
essential quality of light or form.
The aspect of her work that unites both her most saturated and
most subdued paintings is the incredible diversity of detailing each
contains. The wealth of textures and brushstrokes rewards distant
and close inspection with countless and surprising variations.
Broadway Mixed Media on Canvas 40” x 28”
Elena Kozhevnikova
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