ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
About the Cover
What is the question that is on the mind of many emerging artists; how do I become a world renowned
In this issue of ARTisSpectrum, the art writer Benjamin Sutton provides invaluable information about
the art world and how this world functions. All artists, whether they create works of art for the simple
joy of creation or are on a path to becoming world renowned will benefit from reading the rules laid
down by the power brokers of the contemporary art market.
With respect to the ARTopoly cover image by Keith Butler, I hope that the parody is not lost on
anyone. As you may agree, at first the notion of characterizing artistic success as a game may seem
trivial. Never the less, all games have strategies, rules, and an element of chance. Well…… so does
achieving success in the art world.
Join us as we explore some of the options that will inform, educate and direct artists as to how to play
the game.
by Angela Di Bello, Editor in Chief
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