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Tamera Lee
, art is more than a visu-
al medium. “My current work,” she says,
“focuses on multiple layers of imagery, color
and movement, all inspired by and attributed
to my interpretation of music.” Using mate-
rials that include latex and acrylic paints,
charcoal and pastels, she creates images
that have their roots in the sounds that
she immerses herself in as she works. The
composition of her pieces is based on swirl-
ing lines and undulating curves that seem
to sway to an unheard beat. And, like music,
her paintings combine those fluid lines with
a strong sense of harmony. The artist says her canvases are conduits for channeling the “emotional current of the music,”
and that feeling of power comes vividly across.
The colors in the paintings, as well as the varied textures, also contribute to their rhythm and flow. Lee says that produc-
ing an “interplay of colors that move the eye” is central to her images. Her controlled yet vibrant palette generates that
interplay by juxtaposing shades to create a visual counterpoint to the dynamic shapes and lines. When that interplay of
colors combines with the interaction between textures, a multi-layered world results – one in which the artist succeeds at
her goal of being “a messenger of energy.”
Changing Vibrations Mixed Media on Canvas 48” x 96” x 2”
Tamera Lee
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