ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 |
ood is a natural healer,” says
John Loveday Freeman
. “It is magical,
organic & alive; it never dies.” Freeman, a skilled finishing carpenter, brings
those magical qualities of wood to the surface in his elegant works. He finds the
materials for his sculptures among what he calls the ‘elders’ of British Columbia’s
forests. “It’s treasure hunting,” he says. “They are becoming extremely rare.” Once
he has found the relics, his process is centered on letting them tell their own story.
“I try and keep them as I have found them,” explains Freeman.
The transformations that the artist makes to the wood are subtle but powerful,
taking the inherent textures and curves he finds and refining them, bringing classic
shapes and tantalizing hints of imagery into view. After air-drying the wood for
years, then sanding it to soften to the touch, he applies coats of oil, enhancing
the beauty of the multi-colored grains and heightening the sense of structure and
line. He then places the pieces on simple bases of steel or granite, once again
emphasizing the purity and elegance of their forms. The sculptor says that he feels
honored to bring these ‘elders’ back for what he calls their ‘second debut,’ and that
his goal is for viewers to feel their ‘powerful, soulful’ presence.
Sage Wood & Steel 60” x 36” x 30”
John Loveday Freeman
reating art just comes to me naturally,” says
Kristina Garon
of her dynamic paintings. “When I start the creative process, I
open myself to all possibilities.” That openness is expressed in works
that cross the boundary between abstraction and representation. In
the world she creates, precise renderings of human faces and figures
are placed within swirling, energetic patterns. “Each figure tells a
story,” explains the artist, and the uniqueness of her work lies in
the way those stories coexist with her daring experiments in color
and texture. Using acrylics, which she favors for their fluidity, Garon
works quickly. “I can’t wait to see what comes to my canvas,” she
Garon’s style balances that kind of vibrant energy with an exacting
sense of control. She wants her paintings to be “a combination
of bold, aggressive strokes and gentle, intricate details,” and that
combination gives her images a sense of movement that is powerful
yet controlled. Her color palette is varied as well, juxtaposing “bright
and happy colors” with “more sober blues” to reflect the combination
of joy and sorrow that she strives to communicate. One of her main
goals, she says, is “to let my inner world create my outer world,” a
goal that she achieves to highly distinctive effect.
Muse Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 36”
Kristina Garon
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